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71. Do you have any IT related qualification?
Answer: A possible way to answer this type of question is by saying “I have taken computer lessons in two years of my college life. We were taught about the basics computer and ERP as per the subject that we chose. Even in my work life most of my work was based on computers so over all I can say that I have full knowledge in both practical as well as theoretical aspect.” Another way:

“I have not taken any theoretical classes but from the day one of my work life I have been using computers. Initially it was difficult but as I take every difficulty with challenge, I have learned a lot about computers. Even at home I use a computer to pay bills, to manage expense, appointments, etc. Today I can say that I am more comfortable on a computer than on a note pad.

72. How should training sessions be arranged by companies?
Answer: One of possibilities in which you can answer such type of a question is by saying “I think that the training sessions in companies must be theoretical as well as practical depending upon the nature of work conducted. On job training is very effective as it will teach you to learn from the mistakes that one does while working”.

73. How should the trainers be?
Answer: This type of question is asked when you were a trainer before or if your future job post requires to give training, One of the good ways of answering this typr of question is by saying “Training is not an easy task and especially when you are training adults keeping the right attitude is very important. One must not be egoistic at the same time one must not be too weak to handle adults. The rules and regulations must be followed keeping a soft tone. The trainer must have a good knowledge about the subject that he is dealing with. Over all, the trainer must also be patience in teaching his not so intelligent students”.

74. What was the reason that made you select the college that you graduated from?
Answer: Some ways to answer this type of question is by saying “College is a learning ground and the college that I graduated from was very much efficient in giving a quality education program. Apart from the syllabus, the college authorities used to conduct seminars related to the current topics that are in the news. Business executives were called to give us the knowledge about the latest happenings in the corporate world".
Another way “We were taken to industrial trip every month. There were management games organized every weekends. Apart from all these we had one sport trip every month. My college maintained a proper balance between education, practical knowledge and extra curricular activities. I got to know about this college from the internet and the college blog also said the same things about it. These were the reasons why I chose this college to study.

75. In which situation are you more comfortable, working as a team or working alone?
Answer: This question is asked to find out whether you are a team player or not. Some ways to answer this question is by saying “I actively take part in team work and also it is a wonderful idea to work as a team. You are exposed to various ideas and this increases your knowledge. You learn to have patience and work in a social atmosphere. There are times when ideas clash and there are ego issues but you also learn to deal with these situations”. Another way “I am equally competent working alone as working in a team. I am ready to accept situations as and how they come. In case there are issues within the team, I believe in talking to team members but if unfortunately situations become out of control, I take the supervisor’s advice”.

76. How would you describe your last boss?
Answer: When asked such question be fair in answering. You can talk about some of the positive points and how he/she has supported you. In case there was a conflict you can talk about that too but present it as a difference in opinion which is very normal between individuals. You can go ahead to say that since the opinion was for the welfare of company so you agreed to it in spite of disliking it.

77. How do you think that you have given the interview so far?
Answer: If asked then you can say “I think my interview was fair enough. There was time when I spoke what I think and that may not match your opinion but difference in opinion is common among individuals. I believe in one thing that we work for an organization so we must follow its style of working and not be stubborn in doing things our way”.

78. What is important to you money or job satisfaction?
Answer: An ideal way to answer this question is by saying “Money is important to a certain extent as we all look towards that. Even the company wants to make profit at the end of the day. If I do not meet my basics and comforts to certain extent then yes money is important. Once these things are fulfilled my job satisfaction accounts. This does not mean that I won’t do a work if it does not suit my preference. As if I do so then I won’t be meet my basics as well.”

79. How do you deal with a conflict with boss?
Answer: A better way of answering such question would be by saying “Conflicts are a part of work life. What I feel is when there is a difference in opinion, I tend to look at that part which would be beneficial for the organization and its style of working. If my boss is talking about the general working standards in a company then I do not find any reasons for not agreeing with him. In case he is talking something which shows dominance and dictatorship, I first seek to talk with him if it does not work then I believe in talking to higher authorities”.

80. If I tell you that your interview so far was bad how would you react?
Answer: This is to check how defensive or aggressive are you. One of the better waysof answering such question would be “I would be rather very disappointed and sad as I have this much confidence to judge my capabilities and performance. I understand that my interview was good, there may be some aspects where our opinion may have differed but that’s common among individuals. I also believe that at the end of the day our focus must be on work and not on individual likes and dislikes.”

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