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61. How have you handles a situation when you had to balance between business ethics and going out of way for a loyal customer?
Answer: You may be confronted with such a situation in your work life. Suppose you are working in a bank and there is as loyal customer who wants his draft to be enchased fast. It is quite possible that at that moment the bank may not have enough money, so you need to ask the superior what you will do in such a situation. Remember that the company also holds certain responsibility towards a loyal customer.

62. Tell me something about your pervious company?
Answer: Here you need to say positive things first. When asked such a question, tell the achievements that you have had in your last company and how the organization helped you in this regard. You can talk about your team leader and fellow team mates. Talk about the work culture in general. You can conclude by saying that no place is perfect so there were some lows. (mention the things that are not so serious) after saying few of the incidents don’t forget to say how they have made you understand life and work better.

63. Tell me something about your college days?
Answer: This is a casual question but you still need to answer it properly. Speak about the things that you have learned in college, the extra activities that you were indulged in and how they have made you what you are today. Do not forget to mention about the funs that you had. At the end you can say that a life without fun and thrill is like a delicious food with out adequate salt.

64. How do you manage work with life?
Answer: This may sound like a casual question but you need to pay attention to what you speak. You can say something like this, “we are constantly confronted with tough situations in life as well as in work place. The best way to handle is by giving your best in what ever you are doing currently and try to solve it then and there. There is no point in carrying problems on your shoulder and letting other things get affected.”

65. How many hours do you intend to dedicate to work on weekly basis?
Answer: For me the quality of work is what that matters. If I am able to do quality work in few hours, I think that is what it matters at the end of the day. Every work requires different time period to complete so I work accordingly.

66. If you were to change last ten years of your life, what would that be?
Answer: When asked such type of question there can be more than one intention that the interviewer intends for. It could be that he is trying to find flaws in your interview or may be he is just testing you on psychological bases. It would be better that you answer to this question on personnel font, here is an example, “ my mother suffered a lot due to knee problem, although she is much better now still if given a chance, I would like to change this phase of her life.”

67. What is your scale of measuring effectiveness?
Answer:An ideal way to answer this question is “Effectiveness according to me has a broader aspect. You may not always able to achieve the target to the exact figure so I focus more on achieving excellence and doing better than what I have done previously. By following this I believe that I will reach effectiveness.”

68. How do you organize the work and make plans accordingly?
Answer: Planning as per the work is a very crucial factor. If your planning is not proper then the results would not be as you desire. I try to first figure out which work is important and which work is urgent. If I am working on a complicated project then I make a detail schedule and plan the follow ups. I also analyze the results and if required, take supervisor’s advice.”

69. What are the skills that you think you need to work on?
Answer: One of the ways to answer this question is by saying “no one is perfect in this world and everything has a room for improvement. When I see my performance I analyze whether things could be done in a better, different way and then try to implement it in my next work. This does not mean that I am not satisfied with what I do. I am satisfied with my work and at the same time I also figure out other better possibilities.”

70. Have you undergone any financial training or experience in the past?
Answer1: “When I was in college, I had taken finance as my subject and learned a lot from there. I was assigned industrial training in my summer holidays and I did that well. I have learned a lot about financial deals in my working years too. So I have the theoretical as well as practical knowledge of the subject”.

Answer2: “Unfortunately I have never been a part of any financial training class in my past, although in my previous job I have got a good knowledge about the subject. My work has given me experience related to financial analysis, project analysis and schedule expenditure. Although I do not have any theoretical knowledge but I do have adequate practical experience”.

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