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51. How well are you in achieving targets?
Answer: One of the best ways to say that “I give my level best in any work that I do. I collect all the data that is required to accomplish a task, yes time factor is an important consideration so I also keep an eye on the time. Most often I complete my work in time and with the perfection that is assigned to me. To be very honest, it is not possible to meet every work within the time limit but most often I meet it."

52. Why according to you we should make you a part of our organization?
Answer: This is another way of asking “why should we hire you”. To this question do not answer in a manner that will look like you are speaking too much about your self. Be modest yet focus on your education and on your experience that you have gained so far. At the end you can say that owing to my experience I have already learned from my mistakes so I assure you that I will able to give better here, in this organization.

53. What kind of working atmosphere is more productive for you?
Answer: A sample answer to this question would be “Over all I like an atmosphere which is un-bias. The management must make decision which maintains a balance between the welfare of the organization and also takes care of the employees. Other thing that I consider in a healthy atmosphere depends upon the kind of work that I am doing. I may chose to do it sitting alone in a room without anyone disturbing me or if require team work, I would do it accordingly.”

54. How do you rank yourself in terms of success?
Answer: You can answer this question by saying “I feel that there are little challenges in our everyday work life. When I see that I successfully achieve them with all the struggles and hard work, that’s success for me. I also believe that you can only be successful in your future only when you are successful in your everyday work.”

55. How often do you make mistakes?
Answer: This is again a tricky question. While answering this you can say that “I dont count my mistakes but I count the number of ways by which I can avoid making mistakes. Promises are always meant to be broken, so I try my level best to avoid making promises but rather focus on the ways of avoiding them.”

56. Do you think you are the perfect candidate for our organization?
Answer: There is nothing called perfect in life, you have to work hard to make things stand in order. You need to understand the situation and work according to it. Hence, an ideal way of answering this question would be “I have learned a lot from life and work so far and I will give the best of my abilities to your company.”

57. How often do you loose your temper?
Answer: “Everyone loses their temper sometime or the other. When people make false commitments, back stabs someone or make mistakes purposely, that’s what makes me upset. I try not to raise voice in an argument, instead first try to make a friendly approach. I go out of way and try to understand the reason for the problem. If mistakes are done purposely then I do take a stern action.”

58. How long do you intend to stay with our organization?
Answer: When asked such a question say that you are very much interested in the kind of work that the organization has to give you. You see growth and progress in the organization but also say that to be very honest you are also open to new challenges that come in your way. When asked about the time period that you intend to serve say that as long as the work is achievement oriented from both sides.

59. Have you done multiple tasking before and if yes, how do you handle it?
Answer: Multiple tasking comes in every work that you undertake. One must be prepared for it. When confronted with such a situation I make see the importance of the work and how much revenue it will earn for the company. I set my priorities accordingly and I am very focused when I am handling various jobs at one time. I have learned doing it from all these years of experience.

60. How important money is for you?
Answer: It’s a fact that money is an important factor and there cannot be any life with out it. For me money as well as job satisfaction both matters and until both are there I cannot work well. To me work ethics and honesty matters to me equally which defines me as a person as dedicated part of any organization. (it’s better to balance both sides when asked such questions)

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