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41. What has been your greatest contribution so far?
Answer: This is another chance to tell a success story. Usually people tell about the success or an achievement that they have achieved. If you have done something else that has resulted in the over all well being of the employees or organization, then you can talk about it too.

42. If you decide to stay in your current job profile what do you think you can achieve in the coming years?
Answer: There are times when the same question is asked in various ways and this is one such type. This is another way of asking your short term goal. You can answer here as how would you like to explore the possibilities that you see in your profile. If there are any other goals that you see in the coming years and your current profile is a stepping stone, you can mention that too.

43. What has been your worst experience so far?
Answer: We all make mistakes in life and it is ok to make them. Any person will learn from his mistake so don’t be hesitant in saying so. You can say what happened when you went through a bad experience and what you learnt from it. Point out the loop holes and then the related alternate ways that you could have opted for.

44. What has been your one such experience in your professional life so far that will turn out to be a benefit for our company?
Answer: This is another way of asking as what are your short term goals? To this question you can answer how your qualities can turn out to be a benefit for the company. If you have made new customer contacts in the past and even made new territories, then you can do the same in this company. This is just one such example, you can narrate similar more such examples.

45. What is that one change that you would like to bring in your past organization and why?
Answer: This questions judge you on how well aware you are about what’s happening in your organization. This is expected from the management from its responsible employees. You can state here the changes that you would like to bring but make sure you give proper valid reason for the same.

46. What factors motivate you in a working environment?
Answer: When you accomplish a task successfully, you expect an appreciation. These small factors motivate you to do the task ahead in a positive state of mind. Even though we are all professionals, psychological and emotional factors also contribute to the performance of the work.

47. How do you manage stress with work?
Answer: Stress is a part of life so one must accept it as it comes in the way of life. When I am confronted with stress, I tend to find out the cause of it. There are various causes for stress, it may be due to self reason or may be due to others too. So what ever be the cause, I approach it with a flow chart method, i.e. starting with the root cause and doing the follow up. One tends to loose temper but life/work teaches you to stay calm and use logical ways to find out the solution.

48. Your experience is not as per our expectation, I wonder that’s bit worrying.
Answer: An ideal way to answer could be “My experience may be just 18 months as a team player but in these 18 months I have gone through the highs and lows of work. The highs have encouraged me while the lows have taught me to learn from my mistakes. I believe that it is not just the time you spent in gaining experience but the challenges that you face. I have learned a lot from my experience.”

49. What activities do you indulge in when you are free?
Answer: This question is another way of asking about your hobbies. Here is a sample answer, “I have always been interested in sports, so during my free time I play tennis. Swimming keeps me active and fit all day so that is a part of my daily routine. I also enjoy my leisure time by meeting friends and watching movies.”

50. How fast do you think that you will adjust in our company?
Answer: When asked something like this you should say “I believe that life around us changes, sometime for the good and sometimes for the bad. One must be prepared to accept and deal with every new, challenging situation.”

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