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21. Do you believe that humor can diffuse a tense situation?
Answer: To this question the answer must be “yes”. You can narrate any situation be it from your college or work life and narrate the incident in short. Also speak how humor helps in general the conditions in which it can be used.

22. State a situation when you wanted your team to look the way you want?
Answer: When you answer this type of question be sure that you do not answer it in a manner that will portray you as Mr perfect who thinks that his ways are always right. To this you can answer that you think for the over all benefit of the organization and give explanations to your team mates about you choosing a particular way to do work. You can also say that you invite opinions and judge all the options before choosing a particular path.

23. What are your work ethics?
Answer: Give a small and a sweet answer! Say general things like honesty, deadlines, working in the budget limit, etc.

24. What mistakes have you done so far in your work life?
Answer: If you have done a very big mistake which has cost the company a huge budget, please do not mention it. You can say that humans are not perfect and so are you. Narrate some small mistakes and also mention the necessary steps taken by you to work on those mistakes.

25. Tell me about your creative work?
Answer: Do not come up with stories if you have not done any creative work so far. Be honest in your answers and if you have done something creative then give its outcome too. You can also say about some of your dream situations where you wish to conduct work in a particular style.

26. How do you set priorities?
Answer: Working in a corporate environment is not an easy task, you are always surrounded with work and all must be met with perfection. When working as a part of business, growth is essential for the company. The work which will get the maximum revenue to the company is more important and needs the first attention. There are, however other factors that need to be considered. If a project is not earning good revenue at the present but will be beneficial in the long run to the company, then it must be taken care of first.

27. How do you make decisions in tough times?
Answer: To this question, you must give examples and narrate past incidents. This is the one question that is asked to managers and team leaders usually. You must not say things which never happened. While answering, concentrate more on the problem and state the strategy that you followed in dealing with the situation. You must also give explanation as to why you choose a specific way to deal with the situation. The interviewer may also ask you the outcome of your decision.

28. What other opportunities you are facing along with this one?
Answer: Here the interviewer means that what are the other job opportunities you looking for along with their company. It is ok to be honest in this question. If you are expecting an offer letter or have already got one, you can mention that. You can also give a brief reason why you think a particular company has hired you. Do not hesitate to speak up over here but at the same time do not boost too much about yourself. Remember that as company wants best employees, the same right candidates also hold in terms of being employed by a good company. A proper approach will show your confidence level and build a good reputation for you at the same time.

29. If given a choice to start it all over again, what career would you like to choose?
Answer: Be very careful when you answer such a question. A wise person will surely not answer that had he been given a choice, he would like to be a doctor or an engineer. The way you answer, shows your stability and how happy you are in your current career. Any good company will require people who are confident about the decisions that they make in their life.
Do not exaggerate your answer here. You can say that, “I have always dreamed to be a part of the corporate world”. Mention all the struggles that you have gone through to reach at the level that you are in. Also mention that you love your work and take challenges with a positive state of mind. At the end you can conclude by saying that you are happy in the decision that you took.

30. How do you motivate a group?
Answer: You need not be a team leader in your past profile to answer this question. You can talk about situations where you had an opportunity to make a decision along with your team and state what was your contribution to it. Mention the idea that you suggested and why people liked it. You can also say that how you involved other members of your team to participate, especially the introvert ones. When you answer such question, do not focus on your attributes but on the effort that you made.

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