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Help Desk Interview Questions

People often come across different problems while working with computers or similar products. Computers or similar products often come across different problems which are difficult to deal with any expert support. A help desk is an information and assistance support that serves to troubleshoot such problems. To work in the help desk department, you can attend classes especially for learning all the tasks of a help desk support professional. Some schools do offer classes in which the students learn to perform the desired functions for the job. If you have got an interview call for the position of a help desk support person, then it is better to go once through a list of questions that are most frequently asked in the interview. The guideline provided below contains sample interview questions and their answers.

Question 1: Tell me something about yourself.

This question is meant to start up the interview. The interviewer provides you with the chance of introducing yourself. You will get a platform for talking and become comfortable with the interviewer. Keep this introduction session as short as possible and try to mention your positive qualities relevant to your work. Include your educational qualification along with extra courses, if you have accomplished any. Mention your skills related to the job that you are appearing for the interview.

Question 2: How would you handle the call saying "I can't log in"?

This question as usually asked to check your basic knowledge. The interviewer tests if you directly jump to the conclusion and solution or first look into basics. An ideal answer would be such as, "First I would ask the caller to verify that he has entered the correct user name and domain while logging in. After that, I would ask the caller to check if the caps lock key is enabled. If this also does not work, then I would ask the caller to check the wiring connections".

Question 3: How would you deal with the situation, when the caller is not able to understand whatever you are explaining.

This type of a question is generally asked to recognize the candidate's communication skills and the customer service capability. It is desirable to tell that you would ask the caller to repeat the question and rephrase it for your own convenience. Try and avoid miscommunication so as to prevent the misunderstanding. Tell that you would ask the candidate a series of small questions to understand the problem thoroughly and solve it step by step. Such an answer to this question also tells that you are flexible and approachable so as to articulate the problem.

Question 4: Describe how a particular technology (say LAN or WEP) works? You would wonder if it is technical proficiency question, but it is actually a question evaluating your communication skills. First you should be able to explain the most popular acronyms (i.e. LAN stands for Local Area Network or WEP stands for Wired Equivalent Privacy) and then, elaborate about the system thoroughly. Sometimes, your answer itself the key for you to get selected.

Question 5: What kinds of people do you currently work with on the IT help desk?

This is a factual question and you will just have to provide with the information about how do you work and with what type of professionals. This information helps the interviewer seek if you are able to work with a team, with how many people, perform your own and team's functions. You are also tested here for your personality and behavior.

Question 6: How do you manage to keep yourself updated with respect to IT help desk good practices?

Make sure that you do not mention the same courses again and again that are provided by the company. Instead, it is advisable to say with confidence that you are a self motivated individual and keep seeking for information whenever possible. Except for the company's on-the-job training, if you have attended any trainings or certification programs, then you are ought to mention that while answering this question. This will definitely improve your chances to get selected. You can also tell the interviewer, if you have subscribed to the industry and IT journals.

Question 7: What according to you are the essential qualities of a typical help desk candidate?

Typically, a help desk personnel should possess not only technical proficiency, but also some other qualities as well. Thus, you are recommended to include other points such as effective problem solving skills, the ability to prioritize the things and then adapt to changing priorities, customer focus and the most important, excellent communication skills.

Question 8: Tell me how you have dealt with a hostile caller. What was the outcome?

This is a test that checks your ability to deal with negative and stressful situations. A good answer could be such as, "I would tackle the situation with a positive as well as patient attitude. I would take that problem as a challenge and try every possible way to help the caller".

Question 9: How do you prefer spending your free time?

This question demands an honest answer, but make sure that you mention some of your interesting, creative and productive hobbies here. Answers such as 'sleeping', 'watching movies', 'hanging out with friends and relatives', etc., are not acceptable by the interviewer.

Question 10: Any questions for me?

It is not compulsory to ask questions, but it is always better to. Asking doubts shows your curiosity about new job, your interactive nature and a habit of having clear conversation. So, ask one or two questions, but make sure that they are thoughtful enough and logical. If you already possess professional experience, then the doubts that you ask must show your experience.

Working as a help desk support person is something that needs constant enthusiasm, active nature and quick problem solving skills. If you are equipped with these qualities and are selected for an interview for the position of the same, then this list of the most probable questions and answers will certainly help you get through the interview.

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