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Customer Service Interview Questions

Customer Service is a part of the hospitality industry. It comprises the etiquettes, qualities and the service that should be provided to make the customer feel happy and satisfied.

These are a series of important aspects that are generally checked before hiring or while interviewing any individual for the profile of a customer Service Executive.

The two most important P's that are looked for, in any prospective customer Service Agent are his/her "Politeness" and "Patience". A CSE (Customer Service Executive) is expected to be extremely polite and patient while interacting with any type of a customer. As a Customer Service agent/executive you are always expected to have a cool head irrespective of whether the customer himself is polite, rude or irate.

The first stage for evaluating these qualities are during your first round interview with the HR or the concerned interviewer. The interviewer may generally ask you to introduce yourself or brief him through your resume details but then, there's much more to it. Actually, he already has your hard-copy of the resume with him. The primary reason why he asks you to introduce yourself is to check your confidence and communication skills. While you are interacting, introducing or just talking, the interviewer checks for your attitude, presence of mind and clarity of thoughts.

Hence, always see to it that even if its just about introducing yourself, which you are obviously well-aware about, dont get too complecant. Even if the interviewer asks you to be casual or suggests that its just an informal talk, dont get too informal. Remember, the interviewer is evaluating you. So, be very polite and interactive. This will showcase your gentle attitude and also the fact that you are an extrovert and good communicator. Morever, as far as possible, talk only when questioned. The interviewer isn't looking for mere chit-chatters or entertainers but for people who understand and mean business.

In order to judge your patience the interviewer may also intentionally bombard you with some uncomfortable questions in the interview. Though personal questions are generally avoided as the interviewer's intention isn't really to hurt or insult you but to check you level of patience and confidence, still there are times when many of the interviewers do seem to cross the line of decency. In such a situation, you are your best judge to decide and take the call about whether you want to continue being polite or give him/her a piece of your mind.

Many-a-times the interview session also involves assigning the interviewee with a mock scenario. In this scenario, the interviewer presents you with a particular situation which involves an angry, irritated and unsatisfied customer and the questions you about the techniques and the tools that you would use or apply to soothe the customer. The interviewer, in most cases, tries to gauge your confidence, knowledge and presence of mind in such mocks. As a result, don't take a lot of time in answering and as far as possible avoid giving typical bookish or general solutions like any other ordinary candidate. A unique, quick and apt solution can surely impress any interviewer in this world.

While the candidate answers, look for his confidence and presence of mind and most importantly check whether the solution that he offers aptly suits the situation. However, as far as possible, check for some unique solutions rather then the same typical bookish ones. This is os to evaluate, those one-off situations when those typical bookish

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