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Peer Interview Questions

The process where the co-workers are allowed to interview the candidates for open positions is called peer interview. These types of interviews enable the new employees to adjust themselves to the new work environment and demonstrate their skills in a better way. Also, the peer interviews give both the interviewers and the interviewee a chance to gel with each other. Following are some sample peer interview questions which you can face in your interview.

Question 1: Elaborate yourself. OR Tell me something about yourself.

Answer: This is the most common interview question that is asked by almost all the interviewers to the interviewees. Here you need to be very precise with your words, or else the interviewer might think that you are boasting. However, in some situations, it is better to boast than to remain silent. Therefore, answer with confidence and according to the situation and according to the way in which the question is asked. Start your answer with a convincing introduction and then add the qualities that are most relevant for the job. Such answers will help you in scoring very well within the first few minutes of the interview.

Question 2: Share some of your experiences that you had in your previous job.

Answer: While answering these types of questions, make sure that you do not point out anything negative about the previous employer, organization or the work. This is a very bad practice and it might also led to disappointing results in the interview. However, if you want to share some negative experience, then articulate it in a such a manner that it leaves a positive impact on the minds of the interviewer about your selection.

Question 3: Why did you leave your previous employment?

Answer: This question is to evaluate how passionate you are about your job and the industry where you want to work. Any negative remarks about the previous company or employers or the co-workers and the work culture will not help you at all in impressing the interviewer. However, if you have had some bad experience that has led to an exit from the previous company, it would be prudent of you to reveal this in the interview in a manner that forms a positive impression on the interviewer, since honesty is usually appreciated in such situations. Moreover, try to cement your answers with some fine examples to make them more effective.

Question 4: Which computer software are you familiar with, and what is your expertise?.

Answer: This is where you can give the interviewers an insight into your technical knowledge and expertise so that you are placed higher in their list of shortlisted candidates. Without consuming more time and making the session boring , give a clear insight into your technical expertise and the computer software that you can handle. It is strongly recommended that you give examples of where you employed such software successfully.

Question 5: How did you handle a situation where you had to sacrifice quality for meeting your targets before the specified deadline?

Answer: This question is for evaluating how efficiently and effectively you complete a task assigned to you. Therefore, your answer should state all qualities that the employer is expecting from you. Give an example where you were successful in meeting your targets within the specified time interval without compromising much on the quality.

Question 6: Explain how did you resolve a customer complaint reported to you.

Answer: By asking these types of questions, the interviewer wants to know about an important set of qualities. This set consists of qualities such as communication skills, intellectual skills, understanding skills, and what steps you took for handling the issue and satisfying the customer's complaints. Hence, make sure that you emphasize on all these key factors while answering such questions so that the interviewer gets what he or she is looking for.

Question 7: Why do you want to work with us?

Answer: Such types of questions are very tricky. The only way to ace these questions and impress the interviewer is performing thorough research about the company or the organization. This research will give you a clear idea about the company and about the work that is carried out in your organization, the policies and what the company expect from you and other employees. These are the key points on which you can base your answer and impress the interviewer .

Question 8: Why should we hire you for our company?

Answer: The employer or the interviewer is evaluating your interest in the job and the company by asking such questions. Therefore, while answering you must reiterate all your positive aspects, which you have mentioned in your resume and 'lead' the interviewer (if possible or acceptable) on skills which are a perfect match for the job profile they are hiring for.

Question 9: What are your monetary expectations from this job?

Answer: It is advisable that the answer to this interview question be in a range and not in exact figures. Research well about the current trends in the market for the job profile you have applied for so that you can enjoy maximum monetary benefits. It would be better if you show your interest in the job and the work, besides the money.

Question 10: Are there any questions for me?

Answer: Some interviewers will give you a chance to question them. However, there are possibilities that you might get this opportunity to question the interviewer. Hence, be prepared for such a situation. It is good practice to keep some very good interview questions ready for the interviewer beforehand that are related to the job and the company, so that you do not end up asking meaningless questions. In case some good questions do not come to your mind, it is better to say that you have no questions .

Peer interviews can prove to be very advantageous, not only for the employers but also for the employees, since they allow the employees to adjust themselves to their new place of work and the employees also get to know their co-workers in a much better manner.

These are some of the very fine peer interview questions. Apart from this set, there are other variety of questions as well, which the interviewers might come up with in your interview. Therefore, practice well and crack the session.

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