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Secretary Interview Questions

The duties and responsibilities of a secretary are dependent on a number of factors such as the size of the organization, the sector of employment, the level of job and many more. Hence, all those who are on the selection panel for selecting the candidate for the post of secretary need to be very cautious while making the selection, since the job of a secretary demands a lot of qualities. Here are some very good job interview questions with relevant answers that you can refer while preparing for the interview.

Question 1: How will you describe yourself?

Answer: It is one of the most commonly asked questions in almost in each and every kind of job interview. But, you need to include only those qualities in the answer which are highly in accordance with the job you have applied for. In this case you must state all the qualities that the job of a secretary demands such as good inter-personal skills, good communication skills, good at handling different tasks such as co-ordinating events such as meetings and similar other functions. Do not boast about yourself. This will surely not help you in any way, rather it might create trouble for you.

Question 2: Why did you choose this field? OR Why do you want to work as a secretary?

Answer: You can prepare for such types of interview questions by making a good research about the company and the profile that you have applied for. This will give a more clear idea about what are the roles and responsibilities you will be asked to carry out as a secretary in that organization or company, so that, you can include them in your answer to give an insight to the interviewers that you are very well aware of the company and your duties over there.

Question 3: What are the major qualities that an employer looks for in the secretary?

Answer: Secretaries are said to play the role of communication managers because they are responsible for communicating all the details to the relative higher authorities. Your answer must focus on all the key factors such as adaptability, good organizational skills, good verbal skills, good written communication skills, ability to take initiative, integrity, reliability as well as other such skills. Try to give examples demonstrating the practical application of some of these key points.

Question 4: What motivates you to improve your work?

Answer: It is upto you that how you answer this question. There is nothing wrong in saying that, you feel motivated when you get appreciation for your work. However, this sounds as an easy way of answering this question. You can give more better answer by saying that, you feel motivated towards your work when you get constant and honest feedback from the higher authorities regarding the areas of improvement so that you can improve the quality of your work.

Question 5: What are your strengths and weaknesses as a secretary?

Answer: Here the employer wants you to highlight those qualities which are in direct proportion for handling the job of a secretary. Hence, focus on qualities such as reliability, organizational skills, leadership qualities, accuracy and so on. Try to concrete your answer with suitable examples where you applied these skills and succeeded in your work.

However, while disclosing your weaknesses, do not mention those points which are extremely important from the point of view of a secretary. This will surely drop the chances of your selection for the job of a secretary. Instead explain a scenario where your weakness got transformed into your strength and you have overcome it forever.

Question 6: What did you like the most and the least about your previous job?

Answer: Here the interviewer or the employer is trying to judge whether you are a fit for the job or not. Hence, think well before answering such an important question. Try to include general answers like, meeting your daily targets or goals, learning new set of skills, accepting and meeting the new challenges and so on which are relevant for the job. While stating your dislikes, make sure that you do not mention points which are required for the job. For instance, don't ever say that you don't like to communicate with different types of people or you don't like to work overtime and so on. If you do so, then definitely you will lose the job.

Question 7: How good are you at planning and organizing meetings?

Answer: This is a golden opportunity to give the employer an insight into your organizational skills. Mention a detailed description of all the duties that you were assigned for making arrangements for the formal business meeting and how did you accomplish the task successfully.

Question 8: How will you manage your work?

Answer: This is one of the key questions asked by most of the employers before making the final selection. Hence, prepare a very good and genuine answer for such questions if you really want to grab the opportunity in your favor. Explain in detail how on what basis will you prioritize the work assigned to you and how will you execute them to get more effective results. Also mention how you will schedule all the work so that you meet your targets on time.

Question 9: Do you know any software and if 'yes', then how good you are at using it?

Answer: By asking these types of questions the interviewer wants to know about your technical abilities. Hence, if you have done specialization or you are familiar with some of the softwares which are relevant for the job, then this is the right time to bring those qualities into focus of the interviewers. Enlist your technical expertise and give examples of your work as well to impress the recruiters.

Question 10: What type of inquiries did you handle in your previous job?

Answer: Being a secretary you are required to communicate and interact with people of diverse nature each day. Therefore, describe your experiences with them, how you satisfied their queries, were they happy with your way of communication and so on. Describe how you used your knowledge to respond efficiently to the various queries of various people.

However these are just some of the general secretary interview questions which the employers can ask you during the job interview session. But, you might also come across questions other than these in your actual interview. Hence, research and prepare well if you want success. You can refer these answers and prepare your own answers to ace the interview and grab the job.

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