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Medical Assistant Interview Questions

The job of a medical assistant is very difficult because it requires a lot of patience as well as care and concern towards humanity and mankind. These are the people who come in contact with the patients and their families on a regular basis, sometimes even more than the doctors do. Therefore, it is very essential for employers to be cautious while recruiting individuals for the post of a medical assistant in order to see whether they are a perfect fit for the job or not. Here are some job interview questions that you can face in your medical assistant interview.

Question 1: Why did you choose this field as a career option?

Answer: By asking this question, the employer wishes to know your level of interest in this job. Hence, while answering such a question, emphasize on points that are very essential for the job of a medical assistant, such as helping the ill and injured, and assisting the doctors, surgeons and other medical professionals during different medical procedures . Try to keep your answer focused on the prime responsibilities of a medical assistant.

Question 2: What are the prime responsibilities of a good medical assistant?

Answer: Mention all the tasks that the job of a medical assistant demands . For instance, you can say that, the prime responsibility of a medical assistant is to make sure that all employees in the staff are able to carry out their duties in the best possible manner and try to help the patients in every manner they can. Do not start talking about yourself while answering such types of questions.

Question 3: From which institute did you complete your graduation and what are your qualifications?

Answer: This is a very important question that is asked by almost all the employers in the world of medicine. This question is asked in order to know about your skills and qualifications, which are very important from the point of view of a medical assistant. Therefore, do not give any false information. Answer all the questions which are true to the best of your knowledge and mention only those skills that you have studied very well in your academics.

Question 4: Why are you looking forward to working in our health care center? OR Why do you want to work in our hospital?

Answer: This is also a frequently asked job interview question, which is faced by majority of the employees in their interview. You need to answer this question very smartly, which is possible only if you have researched about the company before appearing for the interview. Only then will you be able to answer this question correctly and impress your prospective employers.

Question 5: How would you deal with patients of different natures?

Answer: You will face such kinds of questions in almost all types of job interviews that are related to the medical field. Good inter-personal and understanding skills are some of the basic requirements that need to be fulfilled by all the employees related to the field of medicine because they have to deal with different kinds of patients in hospitals and in other medical centers everyday. A good medical assistant should always have patience to listen to the patients' problems so that he or she can understand the reason behind their anger, anxiety or sadness and then find a solution for them.

Question 6: Have you ever had any bad experiences in your medical career so far, and what did you learn from it?

Answer: This question is generally for experienced medical assistants . Here you are expected to describe a situation where you did not achieve success or you had to face difficulty in a certain job and what you learnt from this situation. However, do not mention your weak points in the answer if you want to win the race. Give an example, which will reveal your positive traits and increase your chances of selection.

Question 7: Are the duties of a nurse and a medical assistant one and the same?

Answer: It is a common misconception that a nurse and a medical assistant have the same duties. There is a good chance that the interviewer may ask you this question if you are new to medicine.

Make sure that you give an informed and robust answer to this question. Answering this question satisfactorily will prove to the interviewer that you are definitely well acquainted with the medical world and that you have got what it takes to be a medical assistant.

Question 8: Are you a social individual and like to communicate with people?

Answer: Do not answer “No” to this question because one of the most essential qualities for being a good medical assistant is to have good communication skills. If you negate this question then you will surely find yourself out of the race for the job. Hence, say that you love to converse with people around you and you have genuine concern and care for them and work on your social skills if you lack them. You like to comfort them by your words and lessen their sorrows and heal them mentally as well so that they recover faster.

Question 9: Do you know how to take temperature, blood pressure and other vital signs of patients and use various medical equipment such as X-Ray machines, etc?

Answer: Since the medical assistant is responsible for performing many different activities, you might be asked such types of questions in your medical assistant interview. All these activities are very important because it is the question of someone's life and death. One small mistake and you might endanger the patient's life. Hence, be true while answering such questions. Do not be afraid of losing the job because you will be provided with the necessary training in case you fail to know these skills.

Question 10: What are your salary expectations?

Answer: If you are an experienced candidate then it would be advisable not to disclose your exact salary that you received from the previous employer. Whether you are an experienced or a novice, mention your expected salary in terms of proper range. You can also add the cost of living while stating your salary expectations and negotiating on the same.

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