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Assistant Principal Interview Questions

Each and every type of job profile has some specific requirements. Same theory goes with the post of an assistant principal. In order to be fit for the job, one needs certain set of qualities so that he or she can do justice with that position. The questions asked in the job interview for the post of an assistant principal aim at knowing the interviewee and his skills to be fit for the job. Let us have a look at some of the most common assistant principal interview questions which you can refer before going for the final interview.

Question 1: Describe yourself showing how you are fit for the role of an assistant principal.

Answer: This is one of the most common questions asked by almost each and every interviewer. You can explore all your positive qualities while answering this question. But, make sure that you do not overdo or over exaggerate about yourself. This will create a very bad impression on the minds of the employers, hence keep your limits. Highlight only those qualities which will give the employer the feel that only you are the best fit for the job.

Question 2: Why do you want to work with our organization as an assistant principal?

Answer: It is very essential to make good research about the institute or organization where you are going for the interview in order to answer such types of questions. This will create a very good impression on the employers that you have given time to know about the institute, how interested you are in working with them and becoming a part of their working team.

Question 3: What, according to you, are your weak qualities?

Answer: Most of the employees give vague answers to such questions in order to impress the employers. But this is very wrong. No man is perfect not to have any weakness. Hence, be careful while answering such questions. State your negative qualities or weaknesses in such a way that it yields some positive results to you. You can support your answer by saying that you are working on your weak points and soon you will overcome them.

Question 4: What are the qualities that makes one a successful assistant principal?

Answer: Answer to such kind of question must include all the qualities required for the post of an assistant principal. Fr instance, it must include points such as leadership qualities, decision making skills, communication skills, how do you work under pressure and high work load. In order to make your answers more concrete, always support your answers by giving appropriate examples. This will help you a lot in leaving a very good impression on the interviewers.

Question 5: How will you react if the institute is driving towards self sustainment by exploiting the ethics and standards of the community that we all live in?

Answer: The school is an integral part of the community and as such cannot dissociate itself from the activities of the general populace. My job will be to create a workable synergy between both parties. I will endeavor to meet with community leaders and try to make a case for the school’s position. All in all, I will make sure the matter is resolved amicably in the shortest possible time.

Question 6: In the event of a Teachers’ protest for better welfare, will you align with them or the management?

Answer: This is a tricky question. By asking such types of questions the employer tries to judge your mindset. Hence, say what you feel is right and whom will you support. Do not give fake answers just to impress the interviewers. Therefore, it is best to answer such questions with an honest heart which will benefit you as well as the community, both.

Question 7: How will you deal with the parents whose child has been punished for some offense?

Answer: This question is aimed at judging your decision making as well as communication skills. Hence, you need to be very cautious while answering this one. For instance, you can say that, “I will explain the complete scenario to the parents and why it was necessary to punish their child so that they can understand the situation very well and have do not develop any negative thoughts about the institute or organization.”

Question 8: Would you allow students to give their opinions before making any important decision of the institute?

Answer: Try not to answer such questions in a negative manner. This will decrease your chances of getting the job. You can answer as follows, “ I will select a body of senior students and present the issue before them and ask for their opinions. But, this does not mean that, I will leave everything upto them.”

Question 9: If you are reported about a sexual or child abuse case under your supervision, then how will you handle it?

Answer: The interviewer wants to test your presence of mind and decision making skills by asking this question. Make sure that you include all the steps which are necessary for handling such situations. Say that, you will issue a thorough investigation in order to find out the truth and punish the guilty accordingly.

Question 10: Will you put in extra efforts for the betterment of the organization and welfare of the staff and students even if you are not paid for those extra efforts?

Answer: this one is a tricky question as well. The aim of this question is to test your presence of mind and how dedicated you are towards your profession. Hence, think properly before answering this question. If you really have some sense of responsibility towards the society then you will surely say yes. But, if you don't feel so and are interested only in making profit then answer in such a way that it does not make you out of the race.

It is essential to update yourself with all the latest information and things about the cultures going on in educational institutes so that you do not miss out anything while facing your interview questions. Try to be honest with your profession so that you practice what you preach. Never lie or make over statements about your qualities and skills.

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