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Assistant Manager Interview Questions

The most important duty of an assistant manager is to provide support and assistance to the manger and other officials in carrying out several operations in a business organization. He needs to have qualities such as presence of mind, leadership ability, planning things using excellent strategies and many other traits. He must also possess excellent interpersonal and communication skills so that he or she can communicate inside and outside the organization very well. Therefore, the interview for the post of an assistant manager would not be easy at all. It needs a lot of preparation so that you can impress the interviewer or the recruiter and grab your job. Here are some of the best sample questions that you can refer to before facing the interview for the profile of an assistant manager.

Question 1: Tell me something about yourself.

Answer: This is one of the most general and typical interview questions that is asked in almost all kinds of job interviews by the employers. However, the answer to this question should be always in accordance with the job profile you are applying for. In this case, while answering this question, make sure that you include all your positive traits in your answer. Try to support the answer with real examples of your leadership qualities, how well you can communicate with others, your achievements in a professional setting, and other positive points that you can think of . Try to convey that you can handle targets and work efficiently even under pressure.

Question 2: What are the responsibilities of an assistant manager according to you?

Answer: If you are a fresher and facing this question for the first time then you must prepare well for this type of interview question. Study all the duties of an assistant manager so that you cover all the essential points while answering this question in your final job interview. However , if you are aware of this question or you are already working as an assistant manager, then you must be well versed with all the qualities of an efficient assistant manager. Hence, you do not need much preparation in this case. See to it that you mention all the following responsibilities which include serving as a mediator between the senior officials and other staff members, taking active participation in employee training sessions, and catering to the various requirements of clients.

Question 3: Mention some of the tasks that you had to perform in your previous organization.

Answer: This one is a tricky question asked by the employer to assess your skills. While answering this question, be careful that you do not exaggerate your statements. Include the basic duties at the start of the answer and then mention the advanced duties later. Try to solidify your answer with examples of your work so that the employer gets a more clear idea of your working style.

Question 4: Give an example where your hard work and attempts were not appreciated up to the mark.

Answer: You need to be very careful while answering this question because this question might reveal some of your negative qualities and the employer might find you unfit for the job. Hence, try to include some genuine example in your answer where in-spite of giving your best you still did not receive any appreciation for your work. However, also mention that you did not lose your temper and still responded positively. Also include your experience from this situation in your answer to make it more impressive.

Question 5: Why do you want to work as an assistant manager?

Answer: Here is a very good answer for this kind of question which can help you in leaving a mark on the minds of the interviewers. The job of an assistant manager changes according to the day to day situations arising in the company. Hence, it is the challenge that you relish. Moreover, it requires a sense of responsibility because the assistant manager always has some involvement in making vital decisions for the company's betterment. You are quite sure that you can handle all these tasks very efficiently and hence you think that you are a perfect fit for the job.

Question 6: In what way the assistant manager can prove to be an asset for the company?

Answer: The role of an assistant manager in a business organization is very challenging as it requires high level of patience, effective management, as well as understanding. The assistant manager has to communicate with almost all types of employees in the company such as the CEO, senior managers, staff, customers, and the customer service department . Thus, an assistant manager plays a very important role in advancing the reputation of the company, and can prove to be an asset for the organization.

Question 7: Give any one example where you exhibited your decision making skills.

Answer: By asking this question, the interviewer wants to know how good you are at making right decisions fit for the business. Therefore , make sure that you answer in such a way that it reflects how you arrived at the decision by reviewing all the facts and considering all the possible alternatives for choosing the most appropriate action of all. Also try to include how you will take into consideration all the possible constraints and available resources as well, before arriving at some decision.

Question 8: In what way will you overcome your weaknesses?

Answer: This question is asked by the employer to analyze your attitude towards your work in negative situations. Therefore , do not make negative statements while answering this question because it will create a negative impression and as a result you might well be out of the race.

Question 9: On what basis will you hire or fire an employee?

Answer: This question is to test your judgment skills. This question can give the employer an insight of those qualities that you need to have for playing the role of an assistant manager in an efficient and effective manner. It also tells the interviewer how good you are at handling the assigned responsibilities and authorities.

Question 10: On what basis will you assign work to your juniors and subordinates?

Answer: By asking this question, the employer wants to know about your administrative as well as analytical skills. Hence, while answering this question, just state how you will delegate responsibilities and duties to your sub-ordinates and how you will communicate what is expected from them. Do not forget to mention about the deadlines and the follow-up procedures you will use for improving the performance of the employees.

These were some of the common assistant manager interview questions that can be asked by the interviewers during job interviews. However, these questions are subject to change if the interviewers find that the session is turning out to be interesting.

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