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System Analyst Interview Questions

System analysts are the professionals who observe and improve the main operating system and any other related systems. Their function is to optimize the computers, software and hardware, and the installation processes. The system analyst interview questions would offer you a quick start with your interview preparation, if you have applied for the position of system analyst or system support analyst in a company. Most of the questions asked in the interview are based upon technical background, while others are meant to test your communication skills and the ability to work as a good system or support analyst for the company.

Here is a list of some system analyst interview questions and the best suitable answers to them.

Question 1: What is your experience with computer software and hardware?

As far as the position that you are interviewed for is concerned, you first need to explain the specifics about all the types of hardware and software that you have worked on along with your experience while working. Do not forget to mention the unique features of each type of system and the variety of work that you have performed till date. Keep in mind that a system analyst has to provide tech-support to hardware and software as well as use hardware and software tools. Apart from this work, the responsibility of researching, installing, and maintaining the hardware and software in order to optimize the performance. Therefore, try and relate your answer to this and then answer confidently.

Question 2: What is the documentation required for the position of system analyst?

It is advisable to describe the various documentation that you keep as a part of your daily responsibilities. Analysts document the problems and the solutions required or implemented to solve those problems. They typically have to make records of inventory and maintain the up-to-date system documentation.

Question 3: What characteristics should a system analyst possess to be good at his or her job?

A system analyst is a technical expert and an outstanding analytical thinker. The desired characteristic of a good system analyst is being highly organised and knowledgeable about many different types of technological systems. Other qualities that a good system analyst should possess are the ability to adapt to different technological conditions, face unique problems, possess good communication skills, and the ability to prepare effective reports including flowcharts and diagrams.

Question 4: Have you worked with a team? What experience do you have with team work?

This is a factual question and demands sharing of your own work experiences. However, the job of a system analyst or support analyst often requires an effective communication with the relevant staff members so as to coordinate the information and operations. This tends to optimize the system at all levels and all departments. Thus, effective team communication is the key for an efficient task of the system analysts. Explain your specific team work also, if time permits.

Question 5: What do you think is your technical expertise in this field?

This is the actual opportunity for you to describe your strong expertise in the field and impress the interviewer. Therefore, be specific here about what you have actually accomplished in training and hold work experience in. Emphasize more on the strong technical expertise in computer systems, hardware platforms, and programming techniques. This answer should give a general idea about your work and efficiency of working in this field.

Question 6: Explain the key role of a system analyst in the company.

A systems analyst is responsible for researching the problems, planning solutions to them, recommending software and systems, and finally coordinating the meetings so as to meet the business and other demands. A system or support analyst has to deal with a variety of programming languages, hardware platforms, and operating systems. Other key roles are to write user requests from the technical point of view, intercommunicate between the IT professionals and vendors, develop the cost, analyze, create a design, and follow the implication of time lines.

Question 7: How to choose the appropriate system in order to accomplish the business goals of the respective organization or company?

A system analyst is responsible for selecting the appropriate system to meet the users' and company's requirements. The very first step in choosing and configuring an appropriate system is to determine the planned purpose of the computers. For this, you have to be completely aware about and understand the generic objectives of the business as well as the job requirements of each individual user. It is not very difficult to choose an appropriate system, once the general and specific needs of the business are determined. This allows to adopt those systems that would help accomplish the business goals of the respective organization or company.

Question 8: What factors are included in system analysis and computer configuration?

When configuring computer systems for a business, it is mandatory to select both hardware and software. The factors involved in the hardware aspect are customizing each computer's configuration, in terms of processor speed, amount of RAM, hard drive space, video card, and monitor size. This process sometimes also involves choosing networking equipment that will link all the computers together. The software aspect includes the operating system and applications that are installed on each system. Different users might require variable software programmes and thus, knowing the exact needs of each user is important.

Question 9: What are the qualities required to sustain in the field of system analysis?

In short, the system analyst's and support analyst's job is to choose and provide the users with the most efficient computer solutions for their business, while ensuring that the systems meet all the company's needs. Therefore, to sustain in this field, a system analyst must possess a solid understanding of computer software and hardware, must possess the ability to be updated with all the latest technologies, and desire to attend all the needs as well as complaints by the users for whom the systems are to be built.

Question 10: Describe how does the DHCP work.

This is a good question for experienced as well as unexperienced candidates. However, if you 1 possess some experience of working in the same field, then your answer must reflect it. This question tests your technical knowledge and communication skills. Explain in brief what DHCP is and then mention about its working mechanism. DHCP stands for dynamic host configuration protocol, which is designed as the functional extension of the BOOTP (Bootstrap protocol) network protocol. DHCP works in nine steps from connecting the device to the Internet to finally making the IP address available in the network pool of IP addresses.

If you are unable to answer it properly, or you do not know anything about DHCP, then you can ask the interviewer for a short description of the topic and then offer a comprehensive paragraph on it. This answer, if given perfectly, will enable you to become eligible for the position of a support analyst.

If you have received an interview call for the post of a system analyst, then you can refer the above list of most commonly asked system analyst interview questions and their answers. This would help you face the interview confidently and get through it. All the best!.

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