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GRE Sample Questions » Verbal Section : Sentence Completions

GRE Sample Questions

Verbal Section : Sentence Completions

  1. With the exposure of human beings to aluminum increasing markedly in recent years, they are more prone to absorbing excessive amount of this metal, the report warns.

    1. Current Too much
    2. Recent Excessive
    3. Modern Extreme
    4. Present - Severe
    5. Fresh Harsh

    Ans :B

  2. Aluminum is -- -- -- in water, spoil, plants and cooking utensils. It is added to drinking water as aluminum sulphate at the treatment plants, while soil contamination with it leads to its -- -- -- in vegetables.
    1. Present- Accumulation
    2. There Buildup
    3. Nearby - Increase
    4. Close by Boost
    5. Close at hand Improve

    Ans :A

  3. Beggars almost sell themselves as human beings to -- -- -- the pity of passersby.
    1. Stimulate
    2. Arouse
    3. Kindle
    4. Promote
    5. Support

    Ans :B

  4. A tramp may ask you for money, but he will never ask you to feel sorry for him.
    1. Bad
    2. Worst
    3. Sorry
    4. Good
    5. Best

    Ans :C

  5. Teachers sell knowledge, philosophers wisdom and priests spiritual comforts. Value of material goods can be measured in terms of money but not the value of the services.
    1. Religious Calculated
    2. Spiritual- Measured
    3. Dutiful Planned
    4. Loyal Intended
    5. Reliable Projected

    Ans :B

  6. Continuity of purpose is one of the most -- -- -- ingredients of happiness and that come chiefly through their work.
    1. Important
    2. Particular
    3. Significant
    4. Essential
    5. Useless

    Ans :D

  7. Work, therefore is desirable first and -- -- -- as a preventive of boredom, for the boredom that a man feels when he is doing something out of -- -- --, through uninteresting work is as boring as having nothing to do.
    1. Foremost Compulsion
    2. Primary Obligation
    3. Prime Responsibility
    4. Main Blame
    5. Chief Duty

    Ans :A

  8. Clever advertising, aimed at chronic sufferers who will try anything because doctors have not been able to cure them, can induce such faith in a preparation, particularly if sleepy priced that it will produce by suggestion a very real effect in some people.
    1. Heal Especially
    2. Cure Particularly
    3. Mend Above all
    4. Fix Mainly
    5. Make well Chiefly

    Ans :B

  9. The topic of thought is one area of Psychology and many observers have considered these aspects in connection with robots and computers, some of the old worries about artificial intelligence were closely linked to the question of whether computers could think.
    1. Directly
    2. Closely
    3. Very much
    4. Strongly
    5. Honestly

    Ans :B

  10. Another disadvantage is that television -- -- -- causes people to become dissatisfied with their own lives.
    1. Frequently
    2. Often
    3. Regularly
    4. Normally
    5. Commonly

    Ans :B


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