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GRE Sample Questions » Verbal Section : Reading Comprehension

GRE Sample Questions

Verbal Section : Reading Comprehension

Read the following comprehension and answer the following question.

  1. The worldwide notice in power issues triggered off by the jagged increases in oil cost in1973 and 1979 has since waned. With the dramatic fall in oil prices in the late 1980, there is a euphoric emotion the world over that power is no longer a difficulty. Dynamic policy institute in the 1970 to include the development of energy command have been terminating in many countries. In common, the approach is one of trade as natural. India is no omission. There is no proof of approval at the rule level of the fact that for India the power future is probable to be bleak, and that ensuring sufficient energy accessibility to maintain even an unassuming rate of financial development will be a main test.

    Energy consumption is not end in itself. Its importance lies in the fact that it is an essential overhead for economic development. Energy plays an overhead for economic development. Energy plays a dual role. It is an input towards the productive sectors of the economy, namely agricultural and industry and the supporting infrastructure of transport. It is also a consumer good, energy consumed in house hold has a direct impact on the quality of life. It is not surprising therefore those studies of energy consumption patterns across countries and over periods of time clearly establish a correlation between per capita energy consumption and per capita income. Even with in a country, the affluent sections of society consume larger amounts of energy per capita than the poorer sections. The extents of access to energy at affordable prices have distributive implications. The equity aspect must therefore figure as an element of energy policy.

    The fundamental features of India’s power circumstances are well recognized and do not need amplification. Per capita expenditure of power is low, about one fourth of the world standard and about one twenty fifth that of the U.S.A and imitate the gathering scarcity still ubiquitous in the country. Long-established fuels like fuel wood, animal dung and crop remains account, even now for as much as 35% to 40% of the total energy consumption in the country.

    1. Energy consumption has direct impact on quality of life means
      1. More energy consumption helps people raise their social status
      2. Rich people can afford to pay more than the poor can for comparable consumption
      3. Quality of life can be improved by more energy consumption
      4. Poor people have to consume less energy due to the high cost involved
      5. None of the above

      Ans : C

    2. The energy policy makers, according to the passage, should take due cognizance of the fact that
      1. The energy requirement of the rich in India does not differ from that of the poor
      2. India’s energy situation is sound and there will be no shortage in the next future
      3. India’s energy requirement is far less than that of the Americans
      4. Access to energy and availability therefore are in proportion to financial status
      5. None of the above

      Ans : D

    3. Author of the passage is of the view that the policy makers in India
      1. Are showing challenge of energy shortage probable challenge of energy shortage
      2. Are duly aware of the probably energy crisis in near future
      3. Are unreasonably alarmed by the challenge posed by energy shortage
      4. Have not taken due cognizance of the threat posed by energy shortage
      5. None of the above

      Ans : B

    4. According to the passage the low per capita energy consumption in India is an indicator of
      1. (a) Lack of technological information to have an easy access to energy resource (b) Awareness of Indian masses of the energy situation in the country (c) Inadequate energy generation and supply in the country (d) Measures adopted by people for fuel economy (e) None of the above Answer (c)
      2. Awareness of Indian masses of the energy situation in the country
      3. Inadequate energy generation and supply in the country
      4. Measures adopted by people for fuel economy
      5. None of the above

      Ans : C

    5. Energy plays a duel role in which of the following pair of aspects.
      1. Industrial and household consumption
      2. Political, economic and social development
      3. Agricultural, Industrial production, transport and consumers goods
      4. Agriculture and Industrial production
      5. None of the above

      Ans : C


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