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GRE Sample Questions » Verbal Section : Reading Comprehension

GRE Sample Questions

Verbal Section : Reading Comprehension

Read the following comprehension and answer the following question.

  1. The work of the heart can by no means be intervallic. The heartís job is to keep oxygen rich blood flowing throughout the body. All the body cell needs a regular supply of oxygen, particularly those in the brain. The brain cells exist only four to six minutes after their oxygen is cut off and death comes into the entire body. The heart is a specialized muscle that serves as a pump. This pump is alienated into four chambers linked by tiny door known valves. The chambers job to keep the blood flowing round the body in a loop. At the end of every circuit, veins transmit the blood to the right atrium, the first of the four chambers, its oxygen has been used up and it is on its way back to the lung to pick up a clean supply and to give up the carbon dioxide it has gathered. From the right atrium the blood run through the tricuspid valve into the second chamber, this is known as the right ventricle. The right ventricle pacts when it is filled pushing the blood in the course of the pulmonary artery, which leads to the lungs. In the lungs the blood gives up its carbon dioxide and picks up clean oxygen. Then it moves to the third chamber, the left atrium. At this time chamber is full it forces the blood all the way through the mitral valve to the left ventricles. At this time it is pushed into a big blood vessel known aorta and sent round the body by way of arteries

    Heart sickness cans consequence from injure to the heart muscle, the valves or the pacemaker. If the muscle is injured, the heart is not capable to pump suitably. If the valves are injured, blood cannot flow usually and simply from one chamber to one more chamber, and if the pacemaker is faulty, the reduction of the chambers will become ungainly. Until the twentieth century, few health centers challenged to pouch the heart. In 1954, all this tainted. After twenty years of labor, Dr.John Gibson of U.S.A had invented a machine that could take over momentarily from the heart and lungs. Blood might be in retreat through the machine that could take over provisionally from your heart and lungs. Blood could be routed throughout the machine, bypassing the heart so that doctors could work within it and see what they were doing. The age of open-heart operation had begun. In the working theatre, it gives doctors the chance to mend or restore a faulty heart. Many patients have had artificial valves put in in their hearts, when their own liability. Many natives are being kept active with small battery operated pacemaker; none of these conservation could have been completed with no the heart lung appliance. But expensive as it is to the doctors, the heart lung machine has definite restrictions. It can be used merely for a few hours at a time for the reason that itís pumping slowly damages your blood cells.

    1. Who had developed a machine that could take over temporarily from the heart and the lungs?
      1. Dr. Robert willson
      2. Dr. John Gibbson
      3. Dr. Steven
      4. None of the above

      Ans : B

    2. What should be the ideal title for the passage?
      1. Working for the heart
      2. Heart is life
      3. Heat
      4. None of the above

      Ans : A

    3. The heart is a specialized muscle which serves as a -- -- --?
      1. Blood vessel
      2. Pump
      3. Chambers
      4. None of the above

      Ans : B

    4. The pump is divided into -- -- -- chambers
      1. Five
      2. Three
      3. Four
      4. None of the above

      Ans : C

    5. Which is the main organ of our body?
      1. Leg
      2. Hand
      3. Heart
      4. None of the above

      Ans : C


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