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GRE Sample Questions » Verbal Section : Reading Comprehension

GRE Sample Questions

Verbal Section : Reading Comprehension

Read the following comprehension and answer the following question.

  1. A few minutes ago, when I was coming back from lunch, and when I began to walk on the street when I heard the noise of a coin tumbling. It wasn't much but, as I bowed, my eyes trapped the heads of numerous other people turning too. A woman had dropped what come out to be a dime. The chinking sound of a coin tumbling on street is a notice getter. It can be nothing more than a penny. Whatever the coin is, no one ignores the sound of it. It got me thinking about sounds again. We are overwhelmed by so many noises that draw the most awareness. Citizens in New York City hardly ever turn to come across when a blaze engine, a police vehicle or an ambulance comes blaring along the road. When Iím New York, I called myself as a New Yorker. I don't turn moreover. Like the inhabitants. I barely hear an alarm bell there.

    At residence in my small town in Connecticut, it's unusual. The far-off wail of a police vehicle, an urgent situation car or a fire alarm bell brings me to my foot if I'm seated and brings me to the windowpane if I'm in bed. It's the silent noises that have most consequence on us, not the loudest. In the mid of the nighttime, I can listen to a drenched tap a hundred yard away all the way through three clogged doors. I have been hearing little squeaking sounds and sounds which my mind turns onto the footpath in the mid of the nighttime for twenty five years in our home. How come I by no means listen to those noises in the daylight? I'm pretty sure in my mind what the ideal noises are and what the terrible noise are.
    I have turned next to shrieking, for example. I used to believe of it as the blot of a joyful employee but recently I've been connecting the whistler with an anxious person creating obsessive sounds. The tapping sound, my typewriter as the keys strike the paper is a beautiful noise to me. I frequently like the sound of what I write improved than the looks of it.

    1. People in New York
      1. Are used to alarms
      2. Donít listen to loud sounds
      3. Donít care about emergencies
      4. Are fascinated by sounds
      5. None of the above

      Ans : C

    2. How does the author narrate to sounds at night?
      1. He thinks taps must be turned off
      2. He visualizes sounds that do not live
      3. He believes it's quite quiet at nighttime
      4. He overstresses quiet noise
      5. None of the above

      Ans : D

    3. What kind of sound does he find pleasant?
      1. tapping of his typewriter
      2. tinkling sound of a coin dropping
      3. creaking sounds
      4. clinking sound of keys
      5. None of the above

      Ans : A

    4. The noise of a coin dropping makes people
      1. Stop crossing the road
      2. Look at each other
      3. Think of cash
      4. Pay notice to it
      5. None of the above

      Ans : D

    5. He dislikes whistle for the reason that
      1. It reminds him of anxious people
      2. He is exhausted of it
      3. He doesn't like workforce
      4. He used to be more contented
      5. None of the above

      Ans : A


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