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GRE Sample Questions » Verbal Section : Reading Comprehension

GRE Sample Questions

Verbal Section : Reading Comprehension

Read the following comprehension and answer the following question.

  1. The villager has usually been very conventional in his thoughts and approach. He is unenthusiastic to modify his customary way of belief and doing things. His approach in many compliments is homemade is most excellent. For example more farm animal’s farmers in villages favor to nourish their cows and buffaloes with a habitat mix concession of home oil cakes like pulses, mustard or cottonseeds, jiggery, salt etc. It takes a lot of time, which is hard to believe, every day trial and research to persuade the countryside cattle farmer that mix feeds, systematically formulated, develop the production of milk, without any incremental price. The age old principles and approach towards social group, belief, women, time and funds take time to alter. The villager has conventionally been a supporter in the values of karma or destiny. He has found it more suitable to charge his financial hardship, underprivileged living condition and straitened community position on bhagya (Karma or Destiny). The safety that the villagers find in the position quo, act as a deterrent to alter and test in the short run. Many of this old-fashioned approach, price system and out looks are altering, due to advance level of alertness and teaching. On the other hand the rate of alter is lethargic. Attitudes that have fossilized over the centuries, do take time to modify.

    1. Why does a villager feel secure in maintaining status quo?
      1. Because of the imagined risk involved in trying a new approach
      2. Because whatever is known should be the best
      3. Because too many people go about advising him
      4. Because change is seldom for the better
      5. None of the above

      Ans : B

    2. When will you call a person conservative in his attitude and approach?
      1. When he solves his problem through tried out methods
      2. When he sticks to old ways of thinking and doing
      3. When he imputes motives to change agents
      4. When he would like to try out every new idea before accepting it
      5. None of the above

      Ans : B

    3. What is the best method to convince? The average Indian villager about supervisory of the new cattle feed?
      1. Field demonstration
      2. Home visits
      3. Discussion
      4. Distribution of related literature
      5. None of the above

      Ans : E

    4. Which one of the following is not the usual reason offered by an average Indian villager for his poverty?
      1. It is because of his resistance to new ideas
      2. It is God will
      3. It is his destiny
      4. It is a result of some of his bad deeds committed in this or the previous birth
      5. None of the above

      Ans : D

    5. What does the phrase “home-made is best” imply?
      1. (a) Change for the sake of change is no good
      2. The best should not be discarded
      3. People should go in for the swadeshi because it is home made
      4. Whatever is being practiced is better than what is new
      5. None of the above

      Ans : D


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