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Verbal Section : Reading Comprehension

Read the following comprehension and answer the following question.

  1. Amnesty global charge that ten thousands of political prisoners, which consist of prisoners of ethics, are sufferers in the Indian jails and those captive are usually agonized in this country has to be seen in a much huge context than the association yearly report cares to do. In its on the whole reviews of 151 countries, Amnesty has charged 112 torturing captives, 63 for dock prisoners of ethics, 61 for resorting to political murder and 53 for captured people without a examination. Of these it seems that partly cover categories, India seems to have been disqualified from the list of the 61 which assume following killings. The description has on the other hand pointed out that achievement of people in India pass away of agony in police and armed forces custody and that many also just vanish. Obviously, only a thin line divides the 61 charges with the political killings from the rest. Before coming to such termination, on the other hand it may also be essential to their political systems. Torment by the refuge forces and murdering at the behest of the administration makes no disparity to the victim’s whether they are in a self-governing country or authoritarian one. It is also nobody’s case that a self-ruled country is less responsible than totalitarianism in the event of human rights abuse. But the point that still requires to be made perhaps is that anguish or vanishing symbolizes a breakdown of the system in a social equality in distinction to being an essential part of state rules in a country lined by a dictator who is responsible to no one.

    India may be culpable of keeping ten thousand at the back bars and of the other human being rights violence mentioned by Amnesty, but it yet remains a qualitatively special place from an authoritarian country. It is in this admiration that Amnesty has been less than reasonable. It has selected to pay no attention to the difference between the superior, the bad and the repulsive. The honesty of Indian civilization will be obvious to anyone who wishes to spend half an hour in one of its muddled market places or visits the commandment courts or watches a political meeting or reads a paper or strikes up a protection with any person on the roads.

    There is no logic of fear in India, as in totalitarianism. There is also a capacity for securing liberation from the heavy handed behaviors of the establishment, even if the human rights charge has not yet lived up to the opportunity. Unless such points are known, Amnesty evaluation will seem to be a dry performance of statistics which may brand India merely because of its bigger population. Thankfully, Amnesty these days at least notes that the revolutionary also treat in human rights desecration and that India has to cope with a number of insurgencies fermented by a country where the armed does not always seem to be under the power of the chosen administration. True there is much that is incorrect in India’s jail system and with the way the terrorist challenge is sometimes met, but the pressure must be on activating the self correcting device with in a democratic organization and not just on painting a bleak, even partial picture.

    1. Which of the following is not true in the context of the passage?
      1. The report notes that the terrorist also violate human rights
      2. There is over lapping of cases in the categories of human right abuses
      3. Amnesty International appraised all the democratic countries
      4. India was one of the countries appraised by amnesty international
      5. India is guilty of some human rights abuses

      Ans : C

    2. Which of the following is true according to the passage?
      1. India is not at all guilty of human rights violation
      2. The human rights commission has done commendable services
      3. There is a need to improve India’s prison system
      4. There is a need to check political killings in India
      5. None of the above

      Ans : C

    3. In the report Indian has been excluded from which of the following categories of human rights violation?
      1. Harboring prisoner of conscience
      2. Political killings
      3. Detaining without trial
      4. Torturing prisoners
      5. None of the above

      Ans : B

    4. Which of the following seems to be the main purpose of writing this passage?
      1. To condemn political killings
      2. To highlight the role of Amnesty international
      3. To highlight the suffering of prisoners
      4. To further the cause of human rights
      5. None of the above

      Ans : C

    5. Which of the following human rights violation is most prevalent among the countries?
      1. Harboring prisoners of conscience
      2. Torturing prisoners
      3. Killing the political motives
      4. Detaining without trial
      5. None of the above

      Ans : B


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