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GRE Sample Questions

Verbal Section : Reading Comprehension

Read the following comprehension and answer the following question.

  1. The train was on correct time. Mrs Tickoo picked up her baggage and got into a first class compartment. There was a lady with a kid in the compartment. Mrs. Tickoo put her luggages where beneath the seat and she sat close to the window. Just then a boy and a girl hurried up. The girl cried saying “We truly missed telling send-off to you!” The boy said “Our car crashed down fifty yards from the local station and we ran all the way. Where is your mom? Asked Mrs. Tickoo , “She can’t run like we do”, said the boy. At that minute, the guard blows his whistle and wields his green flag. “Thanks a lot for seeing me off”, said Mrs. Tickoo, “but why did you run all the way. Say adieu to your mother for me!” Bye! cried the kids, as the train ran out of the station.

    1. From the comprehension, we assembled that the children
      1. Detested Mrs. Tickoo a bat
      2. Were affectionate towards Mrs. Tckoo
      3. Were joyful that Mrs. Tickoo was parting
      4. Did not care much for Mrs. Tickoo (e) None of the above

      Ans : B

    2. The kids had come to the station
      1. To give a present to Mrs. Tickoo
      2. To meet up Mrs. Tickoo
      3. To collect Mrs. Tickoo
      4. To say send-off to Mrs. Tickoo

      Ans : D

    3. The kids mother were deferred because
      1. Their car had gradually developed some problem
      2. They had to walk all the way to the station
      3. They had started behind schedule from home
      4. The train had come late
      5. None of the above

      Ans : A

    4. The train runs out of the station- means
      1. The train formed stream but did not go
      2. The train formed a lot of stream
      3. The train came at the station
      4. The train gradually moved out of the station
      5. None of the above

      Ans : B

    5. The kids were late because
      1. They had started moving late from home
      2. They have walk all their way to the station
      3. Their car had developed some problem
      4. The train had came late
      5. None of the above

      Ans : C


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