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GRE Sample Questions » Verbal Section : Reading Comprehension

GRE Sample Questions

Verbal Section : Reading Comprehension

Read the following comprehension and answer the following question.

  1. One of the most fascinating stories of the Russian revolt concerns the uniqueness of Anastasia, the smallest daughter of Czar Nicholas II. Throughout his sovereignty over Russia, the Czar had intended to repeal many of the inconsiderate laws recognized by earlier czars. Some staff and peasants, though, screamed for more quick social transformation. In 1918 a cluster of these groups, popularly known as Bolsheviks, conquer the regime. On July 18 or 19, they killed the Czar and what was believed to be his complete family.

    Even though spectators vouched that all the associates of the Czar's family had been executed, there were reports signifying that Anastasia had continue to exist. After many years, a number of women declared to be magnificent Duchess Anastasia. Possibly the top known petitioner was Anastasia Tschaikovsky, who was also recognized as Anna Anderson.

    In 1920, eighteen months later the Czar's implementation, this frightened young woman and was saved from sinking in a Berlin river. She spends two years in a hospital, where she attempted to reclaim her health and shattered mind. The doctors and nurses thought that she resembled Anastasia and questioned her about her conditions. She denies any association with the Czar's family.

    Eight years later on, although, she declares that she was Anastasia. She said that she had been saved by two Russian armed forces following the Czar and the rest of her relatives had been murdered. Two brothers known as Tschaikovsky had accepted her into Romania. She had wedded one of his brothers, who had taken her to Berlin and made her left there, bankrupt and devoid of a job. Incapable to raise the help of her mother's relatives in Germany, she had tried to kill herself. For the period of the coming few years, scores of the Czar's family, ex-servants, and associates had been discussed with her. Lot of these people thought that her appearance and gesture were redolent of the Anastasia that they had identified. Her grandmother and other relations deprived of that she was the real Anastasia, though. Tired of being blamed of hoax, Anastasia went back to the United States in the year 1928 and took the name of Anna Anderson. She still desired to show that she was Anastasia, although, and came back to Germany in the year 1933 to take suit beside her mother's relatives. There she proclaimed to the court, declaring that she was really Anastasia and ought to have her legacy.

    In 1957, the court determined that it could neither verify nor contradict Anastasia's individuality. Even though we will most likely never know whether this lady was the Grand Duchess Anastasia, her hunt to create her individuality has been the topic of several books, theaters, and cinema

    1. Some Russian peasants and workers------for social reform.
      1. begged
      2. hoped
      3. longed
      4. thought much
      5. cried out

      Ans : A

    2. Witnesses------ that all members of the Czar's family had been executed.
      1. hoped
      2. thought
      3. gave assurance
      4. convinced some
      5. answer not stated

      Ans : B

    3. Tschaikovsky------any connection with the Czar's family.
      1. stopped
      2. denied
      3. justified
      4. noted
      5. answer not stated

      Ans : B

    4. She was unable to------the aid of her relative.
      1. speak about
      2. know
      3. identify
      4. locate
      5. call upon

      Ans : D

    5. In court she------ maintaining that she was Anastasia and deserved her inheritance.
      1. testified
      2. finally appeared
      3. gave evidence
      4. spoke forcedly
      5. answer not stated

      Ans : A


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