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GRE ® Sample Questions

We gladly welcome you to view this important information related to the GRE ® (Graduate Record Examinations)®. It is quite surprising that there are only some people who fail taking the preparation for GRE seriously. Moreover, there are many who are even not aware about how to go about for the preparation. This website will not only guide you for the types of tests and the formats of the exam, but also provide questions which form the base of the test. You will also find vital information about scoring high grades and the common human principles for training. Consider this as an invitation for paying careful attention and read through the information for determining how to go about preparing for GRE.

It is said somewhere that the matter of the subject dictates the method. Simply speaking, you need to discover the subject matter for deciding on methods to by employed for studying. Remember that for clearing the test with flying colors, you need to completely review information related to it and find a proper method of scoring better.

All this is vital because you need not waste precious time in the preparation of GRE in a method that will not do good in the long term and will not aid in increasing the score. You also need not waste time and energy in studying material which will never appear in the test. What we intend to provide you here is a complete guide on how to crack the GRE test and more importantly, what the test actually is.

The GRE is published by "Education Testing Service (ETS)." When we refer to GRE, we are actually speaking about the test which is a pre-requisite for many programs for graduate school.

The GRE is also inclusive of certain tests for specific subject areas which are needed to be appeared if your intention is to study in that particular study domain. There are three main sections for the test. Let us consider each of them in brief.

Verbal Reasoning

This section again has 4 sub-divisions.

  1. Sentence Completions: This will measure the ability of the aspiring student for using various cues rendered by grammar and syntax for recognizing the complete meaning of sentences. This section will provide context for analyzing how different words relate and combine with each other for forming meaningful disclosure units.
  2. Analogies: The questions in this section are crafted for recognizing the ability of the student in regards to the relationship amongst words in word pairs for understanding when the two pairs show parallel relationships.
  3. Reading Comprehension: Comprehension reading tests the ability of the student for understanding passages and answering the questions based on the passage according to the message implied by it. The passage needs to be read properly for identifying the primary idea behind it and appreciating the features such as the attitude and author tone.
  4. Antonyms: The questions in this section amount of quarter of marks in the verbal reasoning test. This section tests the vocabulary of the student.

Math (Quantitative)

This section has 3 sub-divisions

  1. Quantitative Comparisons: The questions in this section need less calculation in comparison to usual problem solving. This section accounts 35% of quantitative reasoning test and it is advised that you refrain from doing unnecessary calculations here.
  2. Standard Multiple-choice: This section will provide 5 choices for one question and the student needs to select the correct one from them.
  3. Data Interpretation: The students need to understand that the questions in this section are less rigorous in comparison to other math tests for GRE. The students need to find relevant information or data for every question which in most cases needs manipulation.


This section has 2 sub-divisions

  1. Analytical reasoning: The questions in this section need logical faculties in a concentrated manner than those in quantitative and verbal sections. These questions are statement based.
  2. Logical reasoning: This section will test your logical abilities while attempting the questions.

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