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GRE Sample Questions » Quantitative Section : Data Interpretation

GRE Sample Questions

Quantitative Section : Data Interpretation

Questions 11 - 15

The questions given below should be answered based on the given table:

Company Model Expected Launch Project Cost (Rs. Crore) Annual Capacity S.P. of Vehicle(Rs. Lakh)
TELCO Safari January 98’ 400 5000 7.5
TELCO Mint October 98’ 1700 25000 2.5
Hyundai D’Santro September 98’ 750 20000 3.0
Fiat Palio March 98’ 640 16000 3.2
Honda City April 98’ 800 8000 6.5
Mitsubishi Lancer June 98’ 900 6000 7.0
Kinetic Small Car September 98’ 540 12000 1.2

Assume that all the vehicles produced are sold and assume that production rates are uniform.

Extra information: The raw material cost of the vehicle is 30%, the taxes are 10% and the production cost is 10% of the selling price. The remaining is the profit made by the manufacturer.

  1. If Fiat’s Palio is launched at its scheduled time, by when should they be able to break even?

    1. September 2002
    2. March 2001
    3. April 2004
    4. December 2002
    5. None of the above

    Answer : A

  2. What part of the cost of project is not obtained for Mitsubishi after 15 months of sales of the Lancer?

    1. 50%
    2. 42%
    3. 32%
    4. 29%
    5. None of the above

    Answer : E

  3. Kinetic small car will be able to cover what percent of the cost of project after a complete year?

    1. 13.33%
    2. 28.50%
    3. 12.52%
    4. 9.6%
    5. None of the above

    Answer : A

  4. Immediately after breaking even, Honda install ASB kits on its City model. This requires an additional Rs. 40 crore towards the project cost. At the same time the selling price of the car is increased by Rs. 50000. At the end of an entire year from then, what is the point that Honda’s city makes?

    1. 410 crore
    2. 580 crore
    3. 120 crore
    4. 240 crore
    5. None of the above

    Answer : D

  5. A year after the launch of Lancer, Mitsubishi decides to launch a new model using the same assembly line. The line is capable of providing twice the production capacity as that of the Lancer, while the new car will be sold at half the price of the Lancer. What will be the ratio of annual profits of the Lancer to those of the new model, if the initial cost incurred for the new model is ignored?

    1. 1:5
    2. 2:6
    3. 8:3
    4. 1:1
    5. None of the above

    Answer : D

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