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GRE Sample Questions

Analytical Section : Analytical Reasoning

GRE (Graduate Record Test) is generally conducted to check the psychological capability of a student. Let's study about analytical logical questions in detail.

Questions 1 to 5 are based on the following:

Five persons are sitting in a line. One of the two persons, at the farthest ends, is sharp, the other one is fair.

An overweight person is sitting to the right of a feeble person. A tall person is to the left of the fair person and the feeble person is sitting between the sharp and overweight persons.

Question 1

Tall person is at which place counting from right?

(a) First
(b) Second
(c) Third
(d) Fourth
(e) Cannot be determined

Question 2

Which of the following depicts the person to the left of feeble person?

(a) Sharp
(b) Overweight
(c) Fair
(d) Tall
(e) Cannot be determined

Question 3

Which of the following persons is sitting in the middle?

(a) Fair
(b) feeble
(c) sharp
(d) Tall
(e) Overweight

Question 4

To whose left is the overweight person sitting?

(a) Fair
(b) Sharp
(c) Tall
(d) feeble
(e) Cannot be determined

Question 5

If the fair person and overweight person swap their position, so also tall and feeble, then who will be sitting to the left of the feeble person?

(a) Tall
(b) Fair
(c) Overweight
(d) Sharp
(e) Cannot be determined

Answers: 1(b), 2(a), 3(e), 4(c) and 5(b)

Clarification: Let the fair person sit to the farthest right because it is given that a tall person is to his left. This signifies that the order Tall, Fair is followed.

Also, then the sharp person will be in the farthest left. An overweight person is to the right of a feeble person i.e. the order Feeble, Overweight is followed. The Feeble person is sitting in the middle of the Sharp and Overweight person means the order Sharp, Feeble, Overweight is followed. Sharp, Feeble, Overweight, Tall, and Fair.

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