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GRE Sample Questions

Analytical Section : Analytical Reasoning

Question 31 to 35

Every sentence given under has one or two blanks. Every blank shows that something has been misplaced. Below every sentence five words are specified as option. Select one right word for every blank that perfectly fits the meaning of the sentences as a whole.

31. The fact that the-------of conflict is no longer as famous as it once was-----progress in race dealings.

(a) Insidiousness----repeated
(b) Practice----inculcates
(c) Shine----presages
(d) Technique----presages
(e) Caginess----indicates

Answer: (d)

32. A child should not be----as being either very shy or over aggressive.

(a) Categorized
(b) Instructed
(c) Intoned
(d) Unfocused
(e) abstained

Answer: (a)

33. President Farhaad sheikh of Egypt, ignoring----disapproval in the Alab world and in his own administration, ----accepted Prime Minister Zishan Khan Invitation to visit Iraq in order to address the Iraqi parliament.

a. Acrimonious----formally
b. Flawed----awkwardly
c. Definite----earlier
d. Spiteful----plaintively
e. Alluring----scrupulously

Answer: (a)

34. In his general----manner, he had covered himself against this type of loss.

a. thoughtful
b. fortunate
c. uncaring
d. circumspect
e. scathing

Answer: (d)

35. We not at all thought that he would way out to----in order to attain his aim; we always considered him as a----man.

a. Appeal----dishonest
b. Necromancy----pietistic
c. Reason----admirable
d. Prestidigitation----eloquent
e. Subterfuge----honest

Answer: (e)


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