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GRE Sample Questions

Analytical Section : Analytical Reasoning

Question 16 and 17

You are required to answer these questions referring to the symbol, alphabet or number sequence given below.

P Y 4 # A Q © K B 8 D 5 * E % 2 S ? 9 R U $ F @ 6 H M 3 W (X)

Question 16

If all the symbols are dropped from the sequence, then which element will be in the center in the new sequence?

(a) 5
(b) E
(c) 2
(d) S
(e) There is no center element

Answer: (e)

Clarification: P Y 4 A Q K B 8 D 5 E 2 S 9 R U F 6 H M 3 W. We can see that number of elements is even number (22), there is no center element possible.

Question 17

#8 is related to? W in the same way as BE is related to?

(a) S?
(b) 6M
(c) W(x)
(d) $3
(e) None of the above

Answer: (e)

Clarification: Number of elements between the second pair of elements is double with respect to the number of elements between the first pair of elements.

Question 18


Question 19


Question 20 Joseph, Jackie and Ninda are the three mountaineers. Joseph is Jackie’s brother. Jackie is Ninda’s brother. Ninda is not Joseph’s brother. Therefore, Ninda is Joseph’s sister.

(a) Should be True
(b) May be False
(c) Should be False
(d) Cannot be determined

Answer: (a)

Clarification: From the above statement it clear that Ninda is Joseph’s sister


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