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Read the following passage carefully and answer the questions by selecting the most appropriate option of the choices given below each question.

The real name of Birbal was Maheshdas Bhatt. He took birth in a Brahmin family in the year 1528 in Ghoghara, Sidhi district of Madhya Pradesh, India. Maheshdas was the third child of Gangadas and Anabhadevi. He lost his father Gangadas, at a very young age. Since, then he resided with his grandfather Rupdhar, who resided in the city called as Patrapunj. His grandfather Rupdhar was a great Sanskrit scholar.

Rupdhar started with the education of Maheshdas at a young age of 5. He taught him Hindi, Sanskrit and Persian which was the state language then. Following the family tradition of learning music and poetry, he learned music and poetry as well. Soon he started writing his own poems and setting tunes to them. This made him as a famous poet, musician and a well known singer. In addition to all these qualities, he also had a great wit and very good sense of humor. He used to make a mark with his witty communication skills on anyone he met.

The kings and emperors in those days were very good admirers of art. When the king of Jaipur, Bhagawandas, heard about Maheshdas talent, he invited him with great honor to his own composition in the court of Jaipur. Maheshdas used to write poems under the stage name 'Brahm' and hence, he became well known as 'Brahmakavi'.

Following this, he was invited by Raja Ramachandra of Rewa at his court. When the emperor Akbar came to know about Maheshdas knowledge, intelligence and wisdom, he invited him to be a part of the royal court in the year 1556. Pleased with Maheshdas, Emperor Akbar bestowed upon him a new name Birbal, where Bir means Brain and Bal means Strong. He was also conferred with the title of Raja by Emperor Akbar. Along with being a part of Akbar's inner council of nine advisors, known as the 'navaratna', a Sanskrit word meaning nine jewels, he was also one of the most trusted members of Emperor Akbar. Birbal worked with Akbar for a period of 30 years.

Maheshdas was not only good at poetry, singing and music; but he was also very expert in the art of warfare. Pleased with his participation in the mission of Sultanpur at Punjab, the Emperor not only conferred him with the title of Veervar but also gave him the Jagir of Nagarkoth.

You can find the collection of Birbal's writings in the Bharatpur museum located in the state of Rajasthan, India. It is said that, Birbal was found to death while heading a large military troupe during the mission of Afghanistan.


  1. What was the real name of Birbal?

    1. Akbar
    2. Ramachandra
    3. Maheshdas Bhatt
    4. Rupdhar
    5. Gangadas

    Correct answer: c

  2. Maheshdas used to write poems under the pseudonym 'Brahm' and hence, he became well known by which name?

    1. Veervar
    2. Birbal
    3. Brahmakavi
    4. Raja
    5. Jagatguru

    Correct answer: c

  3. Where can you find the collection of Birbal's writings?

    1. Sultanpur museum in Punjab
    2. Bharatpur museum in Rajasthan
    3. Sidhi district of Madhya Pradesh
    4. Patrapunj
    5. Rewa

    Correct answer: b

  4. What was the name of the couple who gave birth to Birbal?

    1. Gangadas and Anabhadevi
    2. Akbar
    3. Rupdhar
    4. Raja Ramachandra
    5. Bhagawandas

    Correct answer: a

  5. Pleased with the participation of Maheshdas in the mission of Sultanpur at Punjab, the Emperor not only conferred him with the title of Veervar but also gave him __________?

    1. Jagir of Nagarkoth
    2. Jagir of Sultanpur
    3. Jagir of Delhi
    4. Jagir of Jaipur
    5. Jagir of Punjab

    Correct answer: a

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