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Read the passage properly and then choose the best option to answer the questions based on the information contained in the passage.

The term Ice cream has been derived from the term iced cream or cream ice. Ice-cream is basically a frozen dessert that is usually prepared from dairy products. The major dairy products used for making ice cream are milk and cream. These products along with other products such as fruits, various essence and other flavors are used to make ice creams having different flavors and tastes. Nuts such as almonds, cashew nuts, hazelnuts and walnuts are popularly used for adding a different and rich flavor to the ice cream.

Though major varieties of ice creams are made using sugar; some of them also contain sweeteners for giving a sweet taste to the ice cream. In addition to the natural ingredients artificial flavors and colors can also be used for making different types of ice creams.

First of all, you slowly stir the mixture of the ingredients of your choice while cooling it. This is done to prevent the formation of large crystals of ice in the ice cream and incorporate air in to the mixture. The outcome of this procedure is smooth textured foam which is in a semi-solid state. You can scoop this foam as it is malleable.

The phrase "ice cream" has different meanings at different places. For instance, "frozen custard", "sorbet", "gelato", "frozen yogurt" and many other phrases are used to differentiate the different varieties and styles of ice creams at different places all over the world. Also, the commercial use of the phrase "ice cream" depends on the relative quantities of the main ingredients used for making the same. In countries, such as the United States of America, the phrase "ice cream" is applicable to some specific varieties only.

In countries, such as Argentina Italy and, you can use it for all the variants of ice creams. For those people who are allergic to dairy protein or have some other medical constraints, there are ice creams made from dairy alternatives which include milk of goat's or sheep's or even milk substitutes.

Vanilla and chocolate are some of the most popular and most demanded flavors of ice cream all over the world.

The first ice cream made was a combination of snow, nectar, fruit pulp and honey. The credit for this type of ice cream was given to Emperor Nero of Rome. He sent this frozen dessert to his slaves into the mountains to get back.

Governor Bladen of Maryland then served ice cream to his guests in the year 1700. In 1776, the first ice cream parlor was opened in America in the New York City. Jacob Fussell established the first commercial ice cream plant in Baltimore in 1851.


  1. What are the major dairy products used for making ice creams?

    1. Milk
    2. Cream
    3. Nuts
    4. Both a and b
    5. None of the above

    Correct answer: d

  2. Who served ice cream to his guests in the year 1700?

    1. Governor Bladen of Maryland
    2. Jacob Fussell
    3. Emperor Nero of Rome
    4. Nancy Johnson
    5. Robert M. Green

    Correct answer: a

  3. The first ice cream made was a combination of snow, nectar, fruit pulp and ________?

    1. Chocolates
    2. Nuts
    3. Honey
    4. Almonds
    5. Vanilla

    Correct answer: c

  4. The first ice cream parlor was opened in America in the New York City in which year?

    1. 1700
    2. 1776
    3. 1843
    4. 1904
    5. 1847

    Correct answer: b

  5. Jacob Fussell established the first commercial ice cream plant in which city?

    1. New York city
    2. Argentina
    3. America
    4. Italy
    5. Baltimore

    Correct answer: e

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