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GMAT Verbal Section : GMAT Sample Critical Reasoning Questions

Read the separate condition given below each statement and then select the correct answer from the following five options.

  1. Salary is only one part of a compensation package; you also need to factor in benefits like healthcare, retirement contributions, and paid leave.

    The statement above logically conveys which of the following?

    1. The factors that you should consider while looking for a good salary job with good compensation package are number of paid leaves and health benefits such as healthcare and retirement
    2. You also need to consider benefits like healthcare, retirement contributions, and paid leave while looking a good salary
    3. While looking out for compensation package look out for good salary
    4. You should look for good compensation package before accepting the job offer
    5. Do not accept the job if the company is not providing you with good compensation package

    Correct answer: a

  2. The body odor is not the result of excessive sweating always; the type of food that you have can also be a reason behind it.

    From which of the following can the statement above be most properly inferred?

    1. Excessive sweating results in a bad breath
    2. Body odor is a result of excessive sweat
    3. Not only the amount of sweating but also the type of food is responsible for body odor
    4. Body odor is a result of both food and sweat
    5. Eat good food to avoid body odor

    Correct answer: c

  3. Though the red meat looks very delicious on the plate; it takes a long time to digest and hence regular intake of it can result in the foulest body odor.

    Which of the following, if true, most seriously jeopardizes the validity of the argument by the speaker above?

    1. The red meat is very good for health but it can lead to the foulest body odor
    2. Red meat is very easy to digest and hence you should eat it regularly for increasing your rate of metabolism
    3. Red meat is a food that leads to very bad body odor
    4. Try not to eat red meat at night because it is very hard to digest
    5. Digestion of red meat takes a very long time as compared to the sea food and other eatables

    Correct answer: b

  4. If you want to have very good sleeps at night then prepare heavy and large meals for the dinner.

    Which of the following would reveal most clearly the absurdity of the conclusion drawn above?

    1. In order to get a high quality sleep at night you should prepare light and small meals for the dinner
    2. Prepare heavy and large meals for the dinner if you want to have good and sound sleep at night
    3. It is very necessary to have a very good sleep at night to feel fresh the next morning
    4. Having a high quality sleep at night ensures beginning of a fresh and lively morning
    5. A high quality sleep is very important for good health

    Correct answer: b

  5. Since nicotine acts as a stimulant it can keep you away from falling asleep which will ultimately result in worsen insomnia.

    Any of the following, if introduced into the argument as an additional premise, makes the argument above logically correct EXCEPT:

    1. Nicotine results in sleep disorder because of it acts as a stimulant
    2. Excess of Nicotine is injurious to health
    3. Do not consume nicotine in the afternoon because it affects the sleep
    4. Nicotine is one of the drugs that affects your sleep and hence results in insomnia
    5. Nicotine is very good for health

    Correct answer: e


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