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It always strikes me as a terrible shame to see young people spending so much of their time staring at television.If we unplugged all the television sets, our children would grow up to be healthier, better educated, and more independent human beings.

Do you agree or disagree with this statement?Write a composition of about 200 words presenting your opinion and supporting it with examples from your own experience or your observations of others.

Sample essay:

The question of whether or not television is a positive or negative factor in grow of our children, can have its points both ways.But I feel that the argument, that all the televisions sets should be unplugged, so that our children will grow up to be healthier, better educated, and more independent human beings, is riduculous there are many informative, and educational and fun things to watch on television.

Television offers educational stations, which have very informative shows and programs, people can learn many things from some of the programs on television.The television is also used to translate news and other information to people, without the news you would not know about the world around you, politics, big events, weather etc.Even the movies and comedies provide entertainment and relaxation, and what better place than in your own home.I agree that some of the television today is none of the above, but the responsibility of what you watch is all up to you.Our children can grow up with television, but adults should help them learn how to choose shows that are going to be good.Television can be a very instrumental thing, it can provide fun and entertainment and also educational shows, that promote learning.

While the person scoring your essay does not count mistakes, these mistakes do influence the reader's overall impression of the writing.For this reason, some of the errors in the sample essay are identified below for you.

The first sentence of the essay is not clear because of the use of grow for growth.The first sentence of any essay is the most important one because it states what the rest of the paper will say.This sentence should be very clear.In the second sentence, there is no reason or rule for the commas after,"unplugged" and "beings." If you don't know a rule for the comma, leave it out.Also in the second sentence, the use of "fun things" is too casual or colloquial compared to the rest of the words in the essay.Colloquial expressions may be misunderstood by a reader, so don't use them.The next sentence which starts with "Television offers" is actually two sentences or complete ideas joined together by the comma after "programs." This mistake shows that the writer is not sure about what a sentence really is.There are other mistakes like these in the rest of the essay.

Everyone makes mistakes when they write quickly.Good writers take the time to go over what is written and correct mistakes.Your writing will show your best skills if you take the time to plan what you say and review it to make any needed corrections.

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