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Sample 3

Do you agree or disagree with the following statement?Parents are the best teachers.Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer.

Sample essay is as follows:

Throughout my life, I have been lucky enough to have a very good relationship with my parents.They have supported me, given me necessary criticism, and taught me a great deal about how to live my life.Parents can be very important teachers in our lives; however, they are not always the best teachers.

Parents may be too close to their children emotionally.Sometimes they can only see their children through the eyes of a protector.For example, they may limit a child's freedom in the name of safety.A teacher might see a trip to a big city as a valuable new experience.However, it might seem too dangerous to a parent.

Another problem is that parents may expect their children's interests to be similar to their own.They can't seem to separate from their children in their mind.If they love science, they may try to force their child to love science too.But what if their child's true love is art, or writing, or car repair?

Parents are usually eager to pass on their values to their children.But should children always believe what their parents do?Maybe different generations need different ways of thinking.When children are young, they believe that their parents are always right.But when they get older, they realize there are other views.Sometimes parents, especially older ones, can't keep up with rapid social or technological changes.A student who has friends of all different races and backgrounds at school may find that his parents have narrower views.A student who loves computers may find that her parents don't really understand or value the digital revolution.Sometimes kids have to find their own ways to what they believe in.

The most important thing to realize is that we all have many teachers in our lives.Our parents teach us, our teachers teach us, and our peers teach us.Books and newspapers and television also teach us.All of them are valuable.

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