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GED Sample Questions : Social Studies

The GED Social Studies sample test contains multiple-choice questions from the following content areas:

  • History (United States or Canada, World)
  • Geography
  • Civics and Government
  • Economics

Following are some GED social studies sample quesitons:

    Question 1 and 2 based on the following paragraph:

    The history of the world is filled with stories of people migrating.Migration is the movement of people from one place to another as they seek a new home.Famine, overpopulation, limited resources, war, and religious and political persecution "push" immigrants to move to another country.Hopes for employment and a better life "pull" immigrants to new places.

    Millions have migrated to North America since the 1600s.Spanish, French, English, and Dutch immigrants were the first European settlers to establish permanent colonies.They settled in lands originally populated by people from Asia.Many people from Africa were driven from their homes at this time to be enslaved to work in colonies in the Americas.

    Throughout the 1800s, immigrants looking for employment came to North America from Japan, China, and southeastern Europe.In the 1970s and 1980s, Southeast Asians, Latin Americans, and Caribbeans migrated to North America.Many of these immigrants fled from war-torn countries, political persecution, and economic difficulties.

  1. The government of a country may restrict the number of immigrants allowed to enter that country.

    These restrictions on immigration are most likely based on what belief?

    1. An economy can support unlimited numbers of people.
    2. The "push" factors justify most immigration.
    3. Immigrants enrich the culture of a country.
    4. A country has a limited number of jobs and services.
    5. A government should not interfere with the migration of people.

    Answer: D

  2. Based on the information, which is an opinion rather than a fact about immigrants to North America?


    1. traveled long distances to find a better life
    2. migrated to find employment
    3. learned to live in a foreign culture
    4. escaped from political persecution.
    5. found a better life

    Answer: E

    Questions 3 and 4 refer to the following cartoon:

  3. What is the main idea represented by the artist of the cartoon?

    1. Congress cannot pass legislation on health issues.
    2. Hatred exists between Congress and senior citizens.
    3. Senior citizens are a powerful interest group.
    4. Older people are healthier and stronger than the generation before them.
    5. Senior citizens favor Congress over the president.

    Answer: C

  4. Which political and economic assumption does the cartoon suggest is held by U.S.senior citizens?

    1. Seniors are entitled to certain social insurance programs.
    2. Seniors do not contribute to the economic productivity of the nation.
    3. Entitlements should be cut within the federal budget.
    4. Seniors should lobby at the state level of government, not the federal level.
    5. Social insurance programs can only be paid for by higher taxes.

    Answer: A

  5. Some people think that stores that sell fewer brands of computers provide faster service than stores that sell a wider variety of brands.

    What information from the chart supports this idea?

    1. AAA Business - 96% service promptness
    2. Operating Systems - 69% service promptness
    3. Programs 'N Stuff 79% service promptness
    4. Technodazzle - 100% service promptness
    5. Compu-Wonder - 89% promptness

    Answer: D

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