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  1. The top number on a blood pressure reading indicates:

    1. Diastolic pressure
    2. Transient pressure
    3. Optimum pressure
    4. Systolic pressure

    Answer: D

  2. Which of the following is not considered a function of the kidneys?

    1. Secretion
    2. Reabsorption
    3. Transport
    4. Filtration

    Answer: C

  3. The functional unit of the kidney is known as?

    1. Medulla
    2. Glomerulus
    3. Pyramid
    4. Nephron

    Answer: D

  4. Which of the following formulas indicate the ideal gas law?

    1. PV= knT or PV=RnT
    2. V=kT
    3. PV = k
    4. KTV =PR

    Answer: A

  5. Which of the following is not considered a characteristic or property of a gas?

    1. Volume
    2. Mass
    3. Pressure
    4. Particles

    Answer: D

  6. Which of the following is described in the definition: An object immersed in a fluid is buoyed up by a force equal to the weight of the fluid displaced by the object?

    1. Archimedes’ principle
    2. Charles’ law
    3. Boyle’s law
    4. Anderson’s principle

    Answer: A

  7. Liquids that evaporate quickly are known as _____ liquids.

    1. Viscous
    2. Volatile
    3. Evaporative
    4. Transient

    Answer: B

  8. High frequency sound waves are known as:

    1. Fundamental waves
    2. Overtones
    3. Consonance waves
    4. Dissonance waves

    Answer: B

  9. The first American to win a Nobel Prize was ______ for measuring the speed of light.

    1. Albert Einstein
    2. Albert Michelson
    3. Grimaldi
    4. Thomas Young

    Answer: B

  10. What anatomical structure connects the stomach and the mouth?

    1. Trachea
    2. Spinal column
    3. Hepatic duct
    4. Esophagus

    Answer: D

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