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  1. The movement of food through the intestines is known as:

    1. Peristalsis
    2. Ileum translation
    3. Microvilli propulsion
    4. Flexure propulsion

    Answer: A

  2. The enzyme maltase does the following:

    1. Breaks down lactose to glucose
    2. Turns glucose into maltose
    3. Breaks down maltose to glucose
    4. Turns glucose into lactose

    Answer: A

  3. High levels of bilirubin in the blood stream can result in:

    1. Uric acid overexposure
    2. Jaundice
    3. Bile salt production
    4. Hepatic mutation

    Answer: B

  4. The symbol Mn on the periodic table stands for:

    1. Magnesium
    2. Molybdenum
    3. Manganese
    4. Margon

    Answer: C

  5. The symbol Ca on the periodic table stands for:

    1. Calcium
    2. Carbon
    3. Cobalt
    4. Chlorine

    Answer: A

  6. The symbol Br on the periodic table stands for:

    1. Beryllium
    2. Boron
    3. Barium
    4. Bromine

    Answer: D

  7. Vinegar is also known as:

    1. Acetic acid
    2. Acetone acid
    3. Sulfuric acid
    4. Ascorbic acid

    Answer: A

  8. A Lewis acid is a/an ____ pair acceptor.

    1. Neutron
    2. Proton
    3. Electron
    4. Ion

    Answer: C

  9. _____ reactions produce heat.

    1. Endothermic
    2. Exothermic
    3. Hydrogen
    4. Buffered

    Answer: B

  10. Which of the following match the definition: The pressure (P) is inversely proportional to the volume (V) of a gas.

    1. Archimedes’ principle
    2. Charles’ law
    3. Boyle’s law
    4. Anderson’s principle

    Answer: C

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