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  1. An electric current releases heat to the wire in which it is traveling.

    Which of the following electric appliances would best illustrate an application of the above statement?

    1. mixer
    2. clock
    3. vacuum
    4. toaster
    5. fan

    Answer: D

  2. When the chromosomes line up in mitosis this is known as which phase?

    1. Telophase
    2. Anaphase
    3. Metaphase
    4. Prophase

    Answer: C

  3. Which cellular organelle contains enzymes that are considered digestive?

    1. Golgi Apparatus
    2. Lysosomes
    3. Nucleus
    4. Ribosomes

    Answer: B

  4. Organs repair themselves through a process of?

    1. Meiosis
    2. Mitosis
    3. Cellular differentiation
    4. Transformation

    Answer: B

  5. Which of the following is considered a model for enzyme action?

    1. Lock and Key model
    2. Enzyme interaction model
    3. Transformation model
    4. Transcription model

    Answer: A

  6. Which of the following statements about enzymes is not true?

    1. Enzymes are catalysts.
    2. Almost all enzymes are proteins.
    3. Enzymes operate most efficiently at optimum pH.
    4. Enzymes are destroyed during chemical reactions.

    Answer: D

  7. Which of the following statements about prostaglandins is not true?

    1. Prostaglandins promote inflammation.
    2. Prostaglandins can only constrict blood vessels.
    3. Prostaglandins are made in the renal medulla.
    4. Prostaglandins can lead to pain and fever.

    Answer: B

  8. Cholesterol that is known as (LDL) stands for:

    1. Low-density lipoproteins
    2. Low-density lysosomes
    3. Level-density lipoproteins
    4. Level-density lysosomes

    Answer: A

  9. Hardening of the arteries is known as:

    1. Atheriosclerosis
    2. Venous narrowing
    3. Micro-circulation
    4. Hypertension

    Answer: A

  10. According to the graph above, which of the following colors of light is absorbed the least by a plant?

    1. red
    2. yellow
    3. green
    4. blue
    5. violet

    Answer: C

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