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ECDL Sample Questions : Word Processing

Your task is to prepare a circular letter giving notice about an upcoming annual general meeting of your local tennis club. In the test you are asked to create the letter, to apply various formatting actions to it; and to carry out a mail merge operation so that the circular can be delivered to all the members of the tennis club.

  1. Open the word processing application.
  2. Open the document test31 from your Candidate Disk. The document is an unedited version of the circular.
  3. Save the document to your Candidate Disk using the file name agm
  4. Select all the text in the document and change the font in the document to Arial.
  5. Centre align the word Agenda.
  6. Apply bullets of your choice to the Agenda items (text starting with Election and finishing with New Club House Proposals.)
  7. Change the font colour of Agenda to Blue.
  8. Change the font size in the entire document to 14-point.
  9. Save the document and print 2 copies to an output printer if available, or as a print file to your Candidate Disk.
  10. Mail Merge: Use the file agm as a form letter.
  11. Open the file addrlst from your Candidate Disk. It contains an address list that is going to be used as a data source and merged with the agm form letter.
  12. Enter three merge fields into the agm document: Substitute the three text lines
    Mary Smyth, [upper left corner of the document] 2 Fitzwilliam Road, 
    Dublin 4. 
    with the following fields in the document.
  13. Merge the address list with the agm document to create the mail-merged document.
  14. Save the merged document as mrge31 to your Candidate Disk.
  15. Save all the documents and close the application.

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