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ECDL Sample Questions : Word Processing

Your task is to prepare a garden centre information sheet providing instructions about watering plants. In the test you are asked to edit the information sheet, to apply various formatting actions to it; and to create a simple table.

  1. Open the word processing application.
  2. Open the document test32 from your Candidate Disk. The text is an information sheet, which needs to be formatted.
  3. Save the document to your Candidate Disk using the file name garden.
  4. Select all the text in the document and change the font to Times New Roman.
  5. Change the font size of the entire document to 12 points.
  6. Make the word Water in the final paragraph bold.
  7. Indent the heading, Gardening for Amateurs, to start at 3 cm to the right of the left margin.
  8. Right align the first paragraph, beginning A the document.
  9. Create a header in the document and add the centred text Gardening Tips.
  10. Create a table with three columns and four rows after the last paragraph.
  11. Set the line widths in the table at 1 point.
  12. Complete the table with the following text inserted:

    Daily Watering June July
    Plants Once Twice
    Shrubs Once Twice
    Grass Once Once

  13. Centre align all the text in columns 2 and 3 in the table.
  14. Save the garden document and print 2 copies to an output printer if available, or as a print file to your Candidate Disk.
  15. Close the application.

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