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ECDL Spreadsheet sample question is based on creating a spreadsheet for a fundraising appeal for a local charity. You are asked to develop an outline revenue plan for three events coming up over the year, to carry out various formatting actions, and to make some calculations before presenting the spreadsheet to your committee.

  1. Open the spreadsheet application.
  2. Open a new spreadsheet and create the following revenue plan using the cell references as indicated in the table below. Leave the cells marked formula empty. No other formatting is required at this stage.

  3. Select the title, Revenues, cell A1, and make the cell contents bold.
  4. Add the correct formula to calculate the sum of cells B4 : B6 in cell B7.(1 Mark)
  5. Replicate the formula in cell B7 to cell C7 and cell D7.
  6. Format the number styles to display a pound sign in row 7 (Widen columns as appropriate.)
  7. Add the header Tax to the right hand corner of the spreadsheet.
  8. Save the spreadsheet as charity to your Candidate Disk and print 2 copies of the table to an output printer if available, or as a print file to your Candidate Disk.
  9. Create a column chart on this worksheet, from the data contained within the cell range A3 to E6.
  10. Add Revenue Forecast as the title for the column chart.
  11. Adjust the chart so that the chart appears below the total row when printed. (You are not going to print the document.)
  12. Save your spreadsheet and close the spreadsheet program.

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