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The test is divided in two parts.In the first part you are asked to create a 2-slide presentation for "Abaco Ltd.".In the second part your task is to make some changes to the ecdl presentation, which is located on your Candidate Disk.

Part 1

  1. Open the presentation application.
  2. The first slide is to be a title slide, select an appropriate format for this kind of slide.
  3. Insert the name of the company Abaco Ltd as the title in slide 1.
  4. Change the font colour of the title on slide 1 Abaco Ltd to blue.
  5. On the second slide create an organisation chart for the business, one person at the top Paula Smith and three people (with equal status) reporting to her John Jones, Michelle
  6. Brown and Adam Whyte.Create this diagram either by means of boxes, which you draw yourself, or by using facilities available in your presentation software.
  7. Add the title Organisation Structure on slide 2.
  8. Print the presentation ready for distribution with 2 slides to a page.
  9. Close the presentation, saving the presentation as Abaco on your Candidate Disk.

Part 2

Your second task is to make some changes to the ecdl presentation which is located on your Candidate Disk.

  1. Open the presentation ecdl from your Candidate Disk.
  2. Change the layout of slide 1 to be a title slide.
  3. Add the footer Test Centre to the presentation.
  4. Use a spell check program and make any changes where necessary in the presentation.
  5. Apply a slide transition effect between all the slides.
  6. Save the presentation as ecdl1 to your Candidate Disk.
  7. Close the presentation application.

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