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ECDL Sample Questions : Information and Communication

Information and Communication is divided in two parts with approximately equal weighting between the two parts.

Part 1: Information

  1. Open a web browsing application.
  2. Describe how to change the Home Page or Startpage in your web browsing application.
  3. Enter your answer under the appropriate question number in the answerfile. This is located in the answer folder on your Candidate Disk and save.

  4. Access a search engine and enter the keyword France in a search.
  5. Select any web page which gives information about France in the search results.
  6. Enter the URL of the opened web page in the answerfile and save.
  7. Refine your search to include Wine from France. Select any web page which gives information about wine from France from the search results. Enter the URL in the answerfile and save. Print one page from a web site illustrating information about Wine from France as a printed document.
  8. Close the web browsing application.

Part 2: Communication

  1. In the Communication part of the test you are asked to carry out basic tasks associated with using an e-mail application including composing and sending an e-mail message, adding file attachments.
  2. Open an electronic mail application.
  3. Open the message ecdl in your mail inbox and forward it to the test leader at the following addresss:
    [Enter your tutors email address]
  4. You are going to compose and send an e-mail message. Open a new mail message and enter the following short text:
    Are you going to the Jazz concert tonight ?
  5. Insert the test leader's mail address [Enter your tutors email address] in the message to field, and the title Concerts in the message subject field.
  6. Attach the file jazz contained on your Candidate Disk to the mail message.
  7. Send the message to the test leader.
  8. Close the electronic mail application.

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