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Driving Test Sample Questions

  1. If your brakes fail you should:

    1. Keep driving until you run out of gas.
    2. Pull rapidly on the parking brake.
    3. Pump the brakes rapidly, shift into a lower gear, pull gently on the parking brake and use your horn to warn other drivers.
    4. Keep your hand on the horn so everyone gets out of the way.

    Answer: C

  2. If you are faced with an inevitable collision you should:

    1. Slow down as much as possible and steer for something that will cushion your car.
    2. Take your hands off the wheel and cover your head with your arms.
    3. Leap from the car if you can.
    4. Hit the brakes -- hard.

    Answer: A

  3. If your hood flies up while you are driving you should:

    1. Stop wherever you are.
    2. Try to look through the crack below the hood or open your window to look in the direction you are travelling.
    3. Slow down, turn on the hazard lights and steer over to the side of the road.
    4. B. and C. are correct.

    Answer: D

  4. If your engine fails while you are driving you should:

    1. Signal and steer to the edge of the road.
    2. Turn on your hazard lights.
    3. Stay with your vehicle and raise the hood.
    4. All of the above.

    Answer: D

  5. You must report an accident to the police in what circumstances?

    1. Always.
    2. If the estimated damage is over $1000.
    3. If someone has been hurt or killed.
    4. B. and C. are correct.

    Answer: D

  6. If you are in an accident you must:

    1. Stop to give assistance and to give your name and insurance information to others involved in the accident.
    2. Stop only if the accident is serious.
    3. Stop only to check whether damage has occurred.
    4. Stop to give assistance and to give your name and insurance information to others involved in the accident only if someone is injured.

    Answer: A

  7. If you witness a crash you can offer assistance by:

    1. Making sure your vehicle is parked away from the crash.
    2. Calling for emergency services if necessary.
    3. Staying with injured people until help arrives.
    4. All of the above.

    Answer: D

  8. This sign means:

    1. Crosswalk.
    2. Watch for pedestrians on or near the road.
    3. Pedestrians only.
    4. A. and C. are correct.

    Answer: B

  9. This sign means:

    1. No left turn.
    2. No right turn.
    3. Keep to the left.
    4. No turning.

    Answer: B

  10. This sign means:

    1. No through road.
    2. Yield to oncoming traffic.
    3. Do not enter.
    4. One way only.

    Answer: C

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