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Driving Test Sample Questions

  1. When using your turn signal, you should:

    1. Make sure you don't use it too soon, or other drivers may become confused as to where you are turning.
    2. Make sure it is turned off after your turn or lane change is complete.
    3. Make sure you use it in time to give other drivers a warning that you are going to turn.
    4. All of the above.

    Answer: D

  2. Making eye contact with pedestrians and other drivers is important because:

    1. You get to meet new people that way.
    2. It can help communicate your intentions.
    3. It usually gets people to back off and let you go ahead first.
    4. It's polite.

    Answer: B

  3. It is important to leave space margins between yourself and other vehicles because:

    1. You will have room to stop or steer around if others start moving into your space.
    2. You can drive more erratically without worrying about disturbing other drivers.
    3. It's much safer to speed when you have a large margin of space around you.
    4. All of the above.

    Answer: A

  4. It may be dangerous to stop for a pedestrian where there is no intersection because:

    1. The driver behind you may not be expecting you to stop and may crash into you.
    2. Drivers in other lanes may not see the pedestrian and may hit them.
    3. Jaywalking is illegal.
    4. A. and B. are correct.

    Answer: D

  5. Some things to watch for on the sides of the road are:

    1. People in wheelchairs traveling toward an intersection.
    2. Children playing with a ball.
    3. People who are visually impaired who may have a cane or a guide dog.
    4. All of the above.

    Answer: D

  6. If you pull out just slightly into another lane to pass a cyclist you are:

    1. Doing something illegal; you must change lanes completely.
    2. Doing something unnecessary; there is plenty of room in one lane for a car to pass a cyclist.
    3. Actually changing lanes and should check your mirror, signal and shoulder check.
    4. A hazard to other drivers.

    Answer: C

  7. You should allow for a large space margin between your vehicle and a cyclist because:

    1. A significant number of crashes involving cyclists result from side-swiping.
    2. You need to be able to avoid hitting a cyclist who falls.
    3. Driving too close to a cyclist may be very unnerving for him or her.
    4. All of the above.

    Answer: D

  8. Motorcyclists often ride in the left part of the lane because:

    1. They are trying to make room for another vehicle in that lane.
    2. They can make themselves more visible that way.
    3. They are planning to turn left.
    4. They don't know the rules of the road.

    Answer: B

  9. When passing a very large vehicle, you should:

    1. Take your time -- the vehicle may be long and you don't want to speed.
    2. Go as fast as you can.
    3. Make sure you have enough space; you don't want to get stuck in that vehicle's blind spot.
    4. B. and C. are correct.

    Answer: C

  10. On a road where the speed limit is 60km/h or less, if you see a transit bus signaling that it wants to pull out, you should:

    1. Keep right on going; the same rules apply to transit buses as to cars.
    2. Change lanes to let the bus pull out, if there is room.
    3. Slow down to let the bus in front of you if you can't change lanes.
    4. B. and C. are correct.

    Answer: D

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