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Driving Test Sample Questions

  1. When approaching a railway crossing you should:

    1. Look for advance warning signs such as flashing lights, gates, or a sign alerting you to an upcoming crossing.
    2. Watch out for other road users, especially motorcyclists and cyclists who may slip on the tracks.
    3. Observe carefully, especially at night, as trains often appear to be moving more slowly than they actually are.
    4. All of the above.

    Answer: D

  2. In order to keep focused while driving you should:

    1. Keep your eyes moving; scan the entire driving scene.
    2. Pull over and stop if you need to talk on a cell phone.
    3. Keep predicting what will happen next, and plan your moves.
    4. All of the above.

    Answer: D

  3. Consuming one glass of beer before driving is:

    1. Never a problem; there is not that much alcohol in one glass of beer.
    2. OK if you have a cup of coffee as well.
    3. Problematic for some people and can cause impairment.
    4. OK if you have eaten a large meal.

    Answer: C

  4. It is OK to consume a drug before driving if:

    1. You know your limit.
    2. It is a medication that does not cause drowsiness.
    3. It is a prescription drug.
    4. It is necessary to treat your medical condition.

    Answer: B

  5. If you have a close call and almost get into an accident, you should:

    1. Think about how you can drive more safely so it doesn't happen again.
    2. Avoid that situation in the future.
    3. Not bother worrying about it; remember that other drivers are usually to blame.
    4. Pat yourself on the back for not getting into the accident.

    Answer: A

  6. Taking more than one parking spot is:

    1. Expected if you have a nice car.
    2. Something that may encourage aggression in other drivers.
    3. Acceptable if there aren't many other cars in the parking lot.
    4. One way of protecting your car.

    Answer: B

  7. If one of your passengers does not want to wear a seatbelt, you should:

    1. Refuse to move until he or she puts it on.
    2. There's nothing you can do; just hope that next time he or she will wear it.
    3. Tell the passenger you won't drive him or her anywhere ever again.
    4. Make a joke and ignore it.

    Answer: A

  8. When driving with children in the car it is a good idea to:

    1. Tell them the rules of the car before you start the trip.
    2. Tell them to keep quiet throughout the drive, or else.
    3. Give them activities if the drive is long.
    4. A. and C. are correct.

    Answer: D

  9. If you are a passenger, and you find that your driver is behaving in an unsafe manner, you should:

    1. Use humour to let the driver know that you are uncomfortable.
    2. Offer to take the wheel.
    3. Ask to be let out of the car if the behaviour doesn't stop.
    4. All of the above.

    Answer: D

  10. The best way to help prevent aggression in other drivers is:

    1. Give the right-of-way and move over for merging traffic.
    2. Don't block passing lanes and pull over to let others pass if there is a long line of cars behind you.
    3. Don't yell at other drivers.
    4. All of the above.

    Answer: D

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