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Driving Test Sample Questions

  1. If you must stop suddenly in an emergency, you should:

    1. Slam on the brakes and steer in the direction you want to go.
    2. Pump the brakes and steer in the direction you want to go.
    3. Hit the brakes hard, but not hard enough to lock the wheels, and steer in the direction you want to go.
    4. Hit the brakes hard enough to lock the wheels and hope for the best.

    Answer: C

  2. When faced with low visibility conditions while driving, you should:

    1. Slow down and maintain extra space margins.
    2. Use your defroster to keep your windows clear.
    3. Search and scan more carefully.
    4. All of the above.

    Answer: D

  3. When entering a tunnel on a sunny day, you should:

    1. Keep your sunglasses on, as taking them off may take your attention away from driving.
    2. Slow down to let your eyes adjust to the lower light levels.
    3. Speed up to get through as quickly as possible.
    4. Just keep driving as you were before.

    Answer: B

  4. If you find that your car is hydroplaning, you should:

    1. Slam on the brakes.
    2. Brake gently.
    3. Decelerate and drive straight ahead without hitting the brakes.
    4. Pull over; there may be something wrong with your car.

    Answer: C

  5. If you must drive through a deep puddle, you should:

    1. Drive through it as quickly as possible.
    2. Drive through it as slowly as possible.
    3. Apply the brakes after you get through the puddle to dry them out.
    4. B. and C. are correct.

    Answer: D

  6. If you are stranded in snow in your vehicle, you should:

    1. Run the engine to keep the interior of the vehicle warm.
    2. Go and look for help.
    3. Run the engine only for about five minutes an hour to avoid carbon monoxide poisoning.
    4. B. and C. are correct.

    Answer: C

  7. If you are faced with turbulence, you should:

    1. Get off the road immediately.
    2. Watch out for vehicles that could be forced into your path, such as motorcycles and campers.
    3. Speed up so that you have more control of the car.
    4. Honk while passing large trucks to let them know you're there.

    Answer: B

  8. Overdriving your headlights at night is dangerous because:

    1. You cannot stop within the distance that you can see.
    2. Your headlights may become overworked and thus stop working at all.
    3. You may blind oncoming drivers.
    4. You won't be able to see if it becomes foggy.

    Answer: A

  9. If your headlights ever fail, you should:

    1. Try turning the light switch on and off rapidly.
    2. Trust your parking lights to make you visible to other vehicles.
    3. Use your hazard lights.
    4. A. and C. are correct.

    Answer: D

  10. If a large animal is in your path and you can't stop in time, you should:

    1. Brake firmly.
    2. Try to strike the animal at an angle.
    3. Let up on the brakes just before hitting the animal to reduce the chance of it coming through your windshield.
    4. All of the above.

    Answer: D

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