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Verbal Section : Sentence Completions

Every sentence given below has one or may be two blanks; every blank point out that there is something that has been erased. Beneath the sentence are set of words or five options given. Select the particular word or set of words from every blank that perfectly fits the meaning of the sentence as a whole.

  1. The best way to make your burgers taste yummy is by -- -- -- -- -- the patties with lots of scrumptious mayo and cheese. You can also add red meat, boiled bone less chicken and mix it with black pepper powder. Place chopped cabbage, carrots, and smashed potatoes. If you are a big fan of cheese, then you can add grated cottage cheese to make your burger -- -- -- -- --. Finally you can grill the burger to melt the cheese and it will also help the vegetables to get semi-cooked.

    1. Filling Yummier
    2. Finally Black
    3. Pepper Burger
    4. Cheese Vegetable
    5. Best Grated

    Answer (a)

  2. To effectively chill foods, there are a few uncomplicated rules you -- -- -- -- -- to follow. The two most significant bits of recommendation are to make certain you cover the foods very well, and that you keep a watchful track of what is in your refrigerator. Freezer burn is dryness of the food -- -- -- -- -- by bad packing, and wastes of food.

    1. Burn Food
    2. Need- Caused
    3. Cover Dryness
    4. Watchful Track
    5. Freezer Packing

    Answer (b)

  3. A very scrumptious fresh pressed cheese from the Auvergne Mountains is ----------- as one of the best cheese in the whole world. Cantal is a cheese that many believe to be very close to an English cottage cheddar or also called as chester.

    1. Believe
    2. Cottage
    3. Cheese
    4. Considered
    5. Cheddar

    Answer (d)

  4. Genuine Italian stilettos are still manufactured by a very well master craftsman in together Maniago and the Campobasso area. While the contemporary alloys ----------- in many of the blades permit for more sturdy edges; much of the grinding and edge modification is always done by hand.

    1. Utilized
    2. Grinding
    3. Permit
    4. Sturdy
    5. Modification

    Answer (a)

  5. Kerala is a beautiful state -- -- -- -- -- on the Malabar Coast. It is recognized for its natural exquisiteness. Geologically, it lies among Lakshadweep Sea and Western Ghats, which causes the weather of the state to be equatorial tropic. On the other hand, the climatic conditions differ according to the geographic position.

    1. Situated
    2. According
    3. Geographic
    4. Differ
    5. Climatic

    Answer (a)

  6. Romans were -- -- -- -- -- of old and antique wines, sometimes the wines are 30 years old according to the evidence found in some Roman writings. Either they corrected the first sealed vessel or they liked tarnished wine. The Romans were the first people to make -- -- -- -- -- of earthenware jugs for preserving wine.

    1. Fond Use
    2. Wines Corrected
    3. Romans Liked
    4. Tarnished Wine
    5. People Wine

    Answer (a)

  7. Wine is a well-liked alcoholic drink enjoyed by a huge mass of people all over the world. Wines are -- -- -- -- -- made by fermenting lot of nutritious fruits. Many unusual fruits are added to it develop its exotic flavor. Different types of berries are used while making wines. A person who is quite familiar about alcohol or wines is known as Connoisseur.

    1. Typically
    2. Generally
    3. Unusual
    4. Person
    5. Familiar

    Answer (b)

  8. The first and important beer ----------- in the test market of Richmond, California. The American Can Corporation had been testing with the plan of wrapping beer in cans since 1880.

    1. Appeared
    2. Corporation
    3. Wrapping
    4. Beer
    5. California

    Answer (a)

  9. It is not that the association with Portugal brought only devastation for the Goans. Portuguese also -- -- -- -- -- huge churches. For example the church of Bom Jesus basilica which is in Old Goa, which is a historical site for the Christians from all over the world.

    1. Example
    2. Site
    3. World
    4. Created
    5. Huge

    Answer (d)

  10. The procedure begins with a check of clean, sweet milk for superiority, milk fat substance and mass. The cream is then alienated and -- -- -- -- -- for fermentation. In order to ferment the cream, it is heated to at least 151 degrees Fahrenheit for 20 seconds.

    1. Ferment
    2. Mass
    3. Cream
    4. Heated
    5. Prepared

    Answer (e)

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