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Analytical Section : Analytical Reasoning

Read the following description and answer the questions accordingly.

Questions 26 to 30

Five people namely P, Q, R, S and T went for a trip. Out of these five people, two of them were ladies and three of them were gents. One of the two ladies knew fishing as well as driving. Initially, S drove the car till the picnic spot. Also, P is the brother of S and Q is the wife of S. T opted to drive the car back home.

26. Which of the following pairs make a pair of brothers?

  1. P and Q
  2. P and R
  3. R and S
  4. P and S
  5. R and T

Correct answer: d

27. If Q is one of the ladies, then who was the other lady in the picnic group?

  1. P
  2. Q
  3. R
  4. S
  5. T

Correct answer: c

28. Between which of the following pairs of persons in the picnic group, there cannot be any relationship established?

  1. P and R
  2. R and T
  3. S and T
  4. Q and S
  5. P and S

Correct answer: b

29. What is the relationship that can be established between P and T?

  1. They both are sisters
  2. They both are brothers
  3. Data not sufficient
  4. They are brother and sister
  5. None of the above

Correct answer: c

30. It is given that P is brother of S and Q is wife of S. Then what is the relation between P and S?

  1. P is brother in law of S
  2. P is son in law of S
  3. P is brother of S
  4. P is sister in law of S
  5. None of the above

Correct answer: a


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