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Analytical Section : Analytical Reasoning

Read the paragraph given below and try to answer the questions based on analytical reasoning below.

Questions 16 to 20

Two or more fragrances out of a stock of five fragrances namely H, I, J, K, and L are used in making all types of perfumes by a perfume manufacturer Peterson. Peterson has learned a set of rules that are very essential for achieving a perfect blend of agreeable fragrances. These rules are listed as follows:

  • A perfume containing H, should also contain the fragrance J, and the quantity of J should be twice as that of H
  • A perfume containing I, should also have K as one of its components and they should be in equal proportion
  • No two perfumes should contain J and K
  • K and L should not be used in one single perfume
  • A perfume containing the fragrance L should contain L in such a proportion that the total amount of L present in any perfume should be greater than the total amount of the other fragrance or fragrances used

16. Which of the following which result in an agreeable formula for a perfume?

  1. Two parts I, two parts H
  2. Three parts K, three parts H
  3. Four parts L, four parts K
  4. Five parts J, five parts I
  5. One part H, one part L

Correct answer: e

17. Adding more amount of fragrance J will make which of the following perfumes an agreeable one?

  1. Two parts I, two parts J and two parts L
  2. One part I, one part J and one part L
  3. One part H, one part J and five parts L
  4. Two parts I, one part J and four parts L
  5. Two parts J, one part K and three parts L

Correct answer: A

18. Which of the following formula will convert a non-agreeable perfume that contains two parts J and one part L into an agreeable perfume?

  1. One part H
  2. Two parts L
  3. One part I
  4. Two parts J
  5. One part K

Correct answer: b

19. Which of the following combination of fragrances cannot be used to create an agreeable form of perfume?

  1. H and J
  2. H and L
  3. H and I
  4. I and K
  5. L and J

Correct answer: c

20. Which of the following mentioned perfume formulas can be made agreeable by eliminating some or all of one fragrance?

  1. Two parts H, two parts J, one part K, two parts L
  2. One part L, one part I, one part K, one part J
  3. One part L, one part H, one part K, four parts J
  4. Two parts K, one part J, two parts L, three parts H
  5. One part H, two parts J, one part K, four parts L

Correct answer: e


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