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Analytical Section : Analytical Reasoning

Read the questions and answer them by choosing the most appropriate option of all that is true.

Question 70

Suppose alphabets A to J are used instead of numbers from 0 to 9 (both inclusive), for encoding the confidential information about the university results. The same alphabet is used for each occurrence of the number in the information. Then, according to this encoding technique, the result of the following equation i.e. (D A A A) in decoded form will be?

D E A F - E A F = D A A A

  1. 4000
  2. 5000
  3. 3000
  4. 2000
  5. 1000

Correct answer: c


Let us first determine the relation between the numbers and the corresponding alphabets.


From this table we can clearly find out the decoded form of D A A A as 3000. Hence, option c is the right answer.

Question 71

If 4364 stands for EDGE, according to the encoding technique mentioned in question 71, then which of the following option/options are false?

  1. 0 denotes the alphabet A
  2. 1 denotes the alphabet A
  3. Even number denotes the alphabet G
  4. Alphabet D is greater than alphabet A by 3
  5. The numbering starts from an even number

Correct answer: b



The table clearly indicates that the option b is false, since the alphabet B is denoted by integer 1.

Question 72

A computer is a programmable, electronic machine, which is designed to automatically carry out a sequence of arithmetic and logical operations. An important part of computer operations is_____________?

  1. accepting the input from the user and producing the output for the use of human
  2. the interface between the computer and the human operator, also known as the user interface
  3. a sequencing and control unit that can change the order of operations based on the information that is stored
  4. the computer's processing unit that executes series of instructions that make the computer read, manipulate and store the data
  5. the computer's memory that carries out arithmetic and logic operations

Correct answer: a

Question 73

The digital cameras differ from the older cameras mainly in that, they do not use film. Instead of films, they capture and save photographs on digital memory cards or internal storage. _________have relegated the older cameras to very low market levels. Moreover, the digital cameras are commonly found on mobile phones as well as include features such as Wi-Fi or Bluetooth to transfer, print and share photos.

  1. the use of memory cards
  2. their low operating costs
  3. their wireless communication capabilities
  4. both a and b
  5. none of the above

Correct answer: b

Question 74

The above paragraph is most likely to appear under which of the following titles?

  1. History of photography
  2. Cameras and photography
  3. History of cameras
  4. Historical cameras
  5. All of the above

Correct answer: c


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