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Analytical Section : Analytical Reasoning

Read the questions carefully and then choose the right option from the given choices of answers.

Question 65

M, N, O, P, Q and R are sitting in a single row waiting for their turn to get inside the ATM. M and N occupies the seats at the ends of the row. Q and R are seated in the centre and O is sitting to the left of M. Identify who is sitting to the right of N according to this seating arrangement?

  1. O
  2. M
  3. P
  4. Q
  5. R

Correct answer: c


Let us see the seating arrangement in a pictorial form as follows:


Therefore, according to the given conditions, the person sitting to the right of N in the row is P.

Question 66

Five boys namely Tim, Tom, Peter, Jack and Joseph are sitting on a bench for having their dinner. Tim is sitting next to Tom, whereas Peter is sitting to the right of Jack. Tom is sitting to the right of Joseph who is on the left end of the bench. Jack is sitting on the fifth place from the left and Peter is sitting on the second place from the right. Determine the position of Tom according to this seating arrangement.

  1. Tom is at the fourth place from the right
  2. Tom is at the second place from the right
  3. Tom is placed at the center of the bench
  4. Tom is placed at the left end of the bench
  5. Tom is placed at the right end of the bench

Correct answer: a


Let us see the pictorial representation of the seating arrangement given in the question.

Boy's nameJosephTomTimPeterJack

Therefore, we can conclude that Tom is at the fourth place from the right.

Question 67 to 60

Daisy, Lilly, Paul and Simon are all different individuals. The relation between them is described as follows:

  • Daisy is the mother of Lilly
  • Lilly is the daughter of Simon
  • Paul is the father of Daisy

Question 67

According to the above description, which of the following statement/statements are true?

  1. Paul is grandfather of Lilly
  2. Simon and Paul are brothers
  3. Daisy is daughter of Paul
  4. If daisy is daughter of Paul, then Lilly is sister of Daisy
  5. If Paul and Simon are brothers, then Daisy is the sister of Simon

Correct answer: a

Question 68

On the basis of the above relationship given between Daisy, Lilly, Paul and Simon, which of the following option/options are false?

  1. Paul is the father of Simon
  2. Paul is the grandfather of Lilly
  3. Daisy is the granddaughter of Paul
  4. Paul and Daisy are husband and wife
  5. Lilly is the daughter of Simon

Correct answer: d

Question 69

Identify the statement/statements that contradict the relations between the given set of characters.

If Jasmine is the sister of Lilly, and Lee is the brother of Jasmine, then

  1. Paul is the grandfather of Jasmine and Lee
  2. Lee, Jasmine and Lilly are all brothers and sisters
  3. Daisy is the mother of Lilly, Jasmine and Lee
  4. Simon is the brother of Lee
  5. Simon and Daisy are brother and sister

  1. All options are true
  2. All options are false
  3. Statements I, II and III are true
  4. Statements IV and V are true
  5. Statements II, III and V are true

Correct answer: c


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