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Analytical Section : Analytical Reasoning

Read the given information properly and then choose the most appropriate option that must be true from the given choices of answers.

Question 56

Vinay follows a milk route to deliver the milk packets and bottles at peoples' doorstep in the morning. Each morning, he delivers milk packets and bottles to customers in his neighborhood. It takes Vinay 90 minutes to deliver all the milk he has. If Vinay is unable to do the job some day because he is not well or because of any other reason, his friend Tarun, who lives on the same street, does the job for him. Determine the correct statement.

  1. It takes Tarun more than 90 minutes to deliver all the milk
  2. It is dark outside when Vinay begins his deliveries
  3. Tarun would like to have his route to deliver the milk
  4. Vinay and Tarun live in the same neighborhood
  5. Tarun makes mistakes in delivering the right amount of milk to the customers

Correct answer: d


It is given in the paragraph that, Vinay and Tarun live on the same street. From this fact we can conclude that they both live in the same neighborhood. There is no support for any of the other choices. Hence, the answer is option d.

Question 57

Prem and his friends plan to go to a movie. When they reach the movie hall, Prem finds a man who is found be his relative. The man that Prem meets is the husband of the sister of his father. Find out the relation between the man and Prem. What is the relation……… complete

  1. Prem is brother of that man
  2. Prem is uncle of that man
  3. Prem is nephew of that man
  4. Prem is son of that man
  5. None of the above

Correct answer: c

Question 58

When Ram was born, his father was 33 years older than his brother and his mother was 26 years older than his sister. If Ram's brother is 7 years older than Ram and his mother is 4 years younger than his father, how old was Ram's sister when Ram was born?

  1. 13 years
  2. 7 years
  3. 14 years
  4. 10 years
  5. 12 years

Correct answer: c


Let, F denote father, M denote mother, B denote brother, S denote sister and R denote Ram.

From the paragraph we obtain the following data:

F = B + 33.......(i)
M = S + 26.......(ii)
B = R + 7.......(iii)
M = F + 4.......(iv)

When Ram was born his brother was 7 years old, because Ram is 7 years younger than his brother. From this we can conclude that,

B = 7 when R = 0……………..(v)

Substituting the value of B in equation (i) we get,
F = 40
Substituting the value of F in equation (iv) we get,
M = 44
Substituting the value of M in equation (ii) we get,
40 = S + 26 ↔ S = 40 - 26 ↔ S = 14

Hence, Ram's sister was 14 years old when Ram was born.

Question 59

Read the following scenario carefully and the most suitable option that is supported by the description. When Rohan and Nidhi heard the news of flood they decided to change their holiday spot. Instead of traveling to the Goan beach resorts, they decide to book rooms and spend their vacation at a hill station called Dehradun. Because of this change in plan, they had to increase their budget considerably. But, when they saw the beautiful scenery of Dehradun they were thankful to find availability on such short notice at such a great destination for holidays.

  1. Rohan and Nidhi visit Goan beaches every year.
  2. The hill station vacations are very much costly.
  3. It is usually necessary to book at least three months in advance at any hotel.
  4. Rohan and Nidhi decided to change their holiday destination because of the flood.
  5. None of the above.

Correct answer: d


The scenario described in the passage tells us that the hill station holiday destinations are more expensive than the beach vacations, but that doesn't necessarily mean that the trip is overpriced; therefore, option b cannot be supported firmly.

Also, though the passage says that the couple was pleased to find a room on such a short notice, there is no point to support option c saying that it is mandatory to book at the hotel at least three months in advance.

But, the first sentence of the passage firmly supports the correctness of option d. Hence, option d is the answer.


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